The Hospital is a place where people receive medical treatment.

The Bears usually go to this place to deal with emergencies and do some physical checkups. It first appears in Panda's Date, where Panda awakens after a peanut allergy attack. It also appears in the episode Yard Sale then Bear Cleanse and then the next episode Bear Flu and then the episode Charlie's Big Foot.



It is a modern building lying in San Francisco. It seems there's a tall part with a full glass curtain wall and a normal part with white walls and glass windows.


The rooms' walls usually have a color of light green, while the floor is light yellow and the ceiling is white. The color of the floor in the corridor is a mixed light purple.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • The doorway in Yard Sale is a double side hung door, with a button in the left saying "PUSH TO OPEN"
  • The same doorway in Charlie's Big Foot turns into a horizontal sliding door and the left button remains unchanged.


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