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Hurricane Hal[2] is the 39th episode of the third season of We Bare Bears and the 91st episode overall.


A storm rolls in while The Bears are separated. Grizzly looks after The Poppy Rangers. Panda is stuck with Charlie in his car. Chloe and Ice Bear are in the city seeking a ride home.


Professor Lampwick narrates a tale about a recent storm, to drive home the point that "all things are connected", as it seems at first to be three different stories revolving around the same hurricane.

It starts with Ranger Tabes turning off the Bears' TV after a broadcast of upcoming storm Hurricane Hal was shown on it, as it was distracting as she was teaching Grizzly and the Poppy Rangers how to make and fly kites. Though most of the Poppy Rangers make fun of Grizzly's childish looking kite design as all their kites were either store bought or had better artistry in their designs (Especially Wallace, who painted an impressively realistic eagle on hers) Grizzly argues that what his kite lacks in beauty it makes up for in quality, as he used the sturdiest materials he could find to make it, especially the strong rope he used for the kite AND added a lasso on to do rope tricks when not flying it.

Just as the Poppy Rangers were about to fly their kites, however and Wallace had just called dibs on an extra windy-looking hill, the storm officially hit and Ranger Tabes insisted that everyone comes inside as it's too windy, rainy, and dangerous for kite flying. Just then, however, Ranger Tabes got a call about a couple of squirrels she knew of getting stuck in the mud in this weather and she asks Grizzly to look after the Poppy Rangers while she's gone.

He gladly agrees and does well keeping the little girls indoors until he fell asleep, waking up to find that Wallace had snuck out to fly her kite in the storm. Grizzly and the other Poppy Rangers go out to stop her, but Wallace refused to cooperate until the hurricane blew her kite out of her hands and almost blew her away as well; Grizzly and the other Poppy Rangers use his kite's lasso feature to pull her to safety.

Meanwhile, Panda had just added a new door to the car wreck Charlie was using as a house when the storm hit and Charlie insisted that Panda stay with him until the hurricane blew its course. Panda, not wanting to get his phone wet, reluctantly agreed, yet he was increasingly annoyed as Charlie invited all his animal friends (Including snakes, which Panda doesn't like) to weather the storm with them inside the car, singing animal-call versions of roadtrip songs like the wheels on the bus to pass the time.

Charlie kept insisting that it was fine, as he was happy with his two friend circles intermingling together like this, but Panda couldn't wait for the storm to end to get himself and/or the animals out of the car. It wasn't until the animals started fighting over Charlie's cheese balls thus caused the car to be knocked out of it's crash site and down a hill that even Charlie began to see there's a problem, but was luckily able to steer his house away from all the obsticals they were about to crash into (Though Panda admitted that he'd prefer Charlie not to show off by turning the steering wheel with his feet) until suddenly a kite Wallace's hit the windshield, blinding them until they got dangerously close to an electrical tower, forcing everyone to evacuate before it could crash... Panda had trouble getting out at first, however, until one of the snakes helped him unbuckle his seatbelt, betting him out just in time before Charlie's "house" crashed into the tower, causing a chain reaction that triggered a city-wide blackout.

As the other two bears were having their misadventures, Ice Bear, meanwhile, had just finished rollerskating with Chloe when the storm hit and because the winds from Hurricane Hal were so strong, Chloe couldn't get a signal to call a taxi back home. Ice Bear, thinking fast upon noticing his friend was coming down with a cold, opened a storm drain to continue their walk home underneath the city streets and out of the rain. While it was a great idea at first, especially when Ice Bear told Chloe that he had an internal GPS to help him navigate in the dark, it was quickly revealed that they were walking on the tracks of the subway when a train was coming right at them; to get Chloe to safety he used his skates (And Chloe's on his front paws for speed) to act as a living bear train and roll her out of harms way, but he dropped her at the nearest exit so, unable to think of any other way to save her in such short time, Ice Bear jumped right between her and the train in order for him to shield her. However, right in the nick of time, the blackout from Panda's crash had reached that part of town, stopping the train and saving Ice Bear and Chloe's lives.

The episode ends with the storm ending, and the clouds parting to reveal a moonlit sky. Grizzly and the Poppy Rangers go back to the bear cave for hot cocoa, Panda and Charlie push Charlie's house back up hill where it was before the storm, Ice Bear and Chloe resurface in Chloe's neighborhood, where Professor Lampwick was watching them from his window. He tells the audience that the way the three bears' misadventures intertwined had been a saving force and, indeed, all things are connected, all you have to do is look.





  • This is the second appearance of Professor Lampwick and Little Buck and the third appearance of the Buddy Ride app.
  • Little Buck is called "Henry" by Charlie.
  • The beginning of the episode may be reference to the beginning of the Clarence episode "Fun Dungeon Face Off".
  • Chloe almost died when Ice Bear dropped her, as she almost got hit by the train. If it wasn't for the power surge that Charlie's car created when it hit the electric line tower, both Chloe and Ice Bear could've died from the train.
  • This is the first episode that Ice Bear roller skates and the second episode where he wears clothes; the first time was in the episode "Fashion Bears".
  • When a big storm of rain happens, this is the second episode the weather goes crazy just like it did in the first episode "Slumber Party".
  • In this episode, all the secondary characters (Except Lucy, Darrell, Nom Nom and Ralph) appear.
  • This is the first episode Chloe, Charlie, Panda and Ice Bear appear in a Poppy Rangers episode.
  • When Wallace tells Grizzly, Wallace's good out here, this is likely a reference to Taako from The Adventure Zone's catchphrase Taako's good out here,. This is further supported by Louie Zong and Lauren Sassen both being fans of the podcast.


  • Henry has his right antler broken, though in "Citizen Tabes", it was his left antler that was broken.
  • Professor Lampwick's arm keeps phasing through the couch at the beginning of the episode.
  • When Ice Bear states that he's worried about Chloe the second time, his dialogue does not match with the movement of his lips.

International Premieres[]

  • April 8, 2018 (Philippines)
  • November 7, 2018 (United Kingdom and Ireland)



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