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I, Butler is the 7th episode of the fourth season of We Bare Bears and the 104th episode overall.


The Bears use a robot bear to help around the house, but things get tricky when they lose control of the robot.


This Episode began on spring where in the bears decided to clean their extremely messy cave. They have a good start in cleaning with the help of Roomba they wipe and sweep the cave.Few hours later they barely finish and needs more help in cleaning. Grizz proposed to Panda and Ice Bear to clean in the bear's shed together.

The three of them entered the shed and starts to clean and discovered old belongings. Grizz then saw a plain white cloth. He then pulls the cloth and discovered old robot parts which Ice bear claims that it was his old project "Robot Clone." Which is programmed to love and destroy. (As it is seen on the last episode the "Panda's Sneeze." It is seen on the newspaper that Ice bear is reading the front page is Robot Bear on a rampage and destroyed San Francisco's buildings but was taken down and separates his robotic parts.)

Ice bear then decides to fix the robot and renamed him from "Robot Bear." to "Butler Bear." and designed him to clean any possible mess. As Butler Bear got activated he then calls Grizz and Panda his uncles and Ice Bear to be his father. He then scans the room and starts cleaning. The bears are impressed with Butler Bear's performance.

As Butler Bear scanned them and sees the ratings of their satisfaction and improved his performance. The Bears then decided to let Butler Bear clean the cave. As Butler Bear continues cleaning the bears went out to play basketball and their mail arrived the ball went lose and jumped on the mud and hit the mail man. The Bears apologized to him at they're forgiven by the mail man. Butler Bear scanned him and sees the mud on his shirt. He then goes closer and took his shirt and cleaned it. The Mail man was freaked out by the robot and Butler Bear continues to clean the rest of the mess and the mail man ran off leaving his clothes behind.

The Bears then tries to stop Butler Bear with his behavior. He was brought to the bear's shed once again and the bears explain on the errors that Butler Bear have done.As Butler Bear scanned their emotions he received bad reviews and his eyes went red and his programmed is mixed up and starts to malfunction due to the disappointment look of his father.He then scanned Panda and Grizz's mouths and sees bacteria. He then reveals his hydro pump and blast Panda's mouth with water . Grizz and Ice Bear then helped Panda and Ice Bear then decided to shut him down. As Ice Bear opens Butler Bear's back side. The circuits is all disarranged, cut and malfunctioned.The three of them decided to leave the shed and blocked the door. Butler Bear then destroys the door and starts on a cleaning rampage and shoots missiles that is not filled with explosives but was made to make everything clean. But as soon as the missile hit the shed it was completely destroyed and cleaned flawlessly. Ice Bear and Butler Bear then had a show down and battled. Their skills are evenly matched but as soon Butler Bear's performance rate improved as he scanned his father's moves. He suddenly shoots small missiles at his father. Ice Bear claps and calls for Roomba and dodges the missiles but accidentally hit the tree and passed out.

Butler Bear then scanned the cave and rated it extremely messy and he had a idea to shoot the cave with the biggest missile. As the missile got shoot on the sky there was only few minutes for the bears to stop the missile. Ice Bear then had a idea and placed mud all over Butler Bear. He then scanned himself and knows that he is muddy and needs to be cleaned and he relocate to missile to change direction and targets himself. Panda then told Ice Bear that they might get hit by the missile as well. Ice Bear claps his hands and called Roomba and grabbed Butler Bear up to the sky. As Ice Bear grab Butler Bear he tells to his father "Your son...Is a mess right father?" Ice Bear didn't reply to his statement and threw him up to the sky and the missile hit Butler Bear and destroy him to pieces. His robotic parts are falling from the sky as Ice Bear gazed on the sky for a small time of period and went down to the ground and picked up the separate head of Butler Bear and spoke his last words "Are you proud of me father?" as soon as he finishes his sentence he then shuts down and Ice Bear closes the eyes of Butler Bear.

After that day Ice Bear decided to fix Butler Bear once again and placed him on a garbage yard making him clean the large pile of mess. Butler Bear gladly cleans the garbage yard in order for his father to be proud.



  • This is the second episode featuring Robot Bear, he was in the first episode Panda's Sneeze.
  • Grizzly and Panda are uncles and Ice Bear is a dad.
  • This is the first episode Robot Bear talks and calls Grizzly and Panda uncles and Ice Bear a dad, he doesn't mention Ice Bear by his real name.
  • When The Bears are cleaning up around the house, Panda is cleaning up a pile of dust a lot and he's doing his cute sneeze again several times just like in the episode Panda's Sneeze and once in the episode Chicken and Waffles.
  • When Panda gets sprayed with water by Butler Bear, he finally refers to Ice Bear by his (Ice Bear's) real name and it’s the first episode he does although Celine mentioned his real name in the episode Video Date and his bluetooth toilet in the episode Rooms.
  • As the mess is shown in Grizz's room, the broom (the lab "scientist") from the episode Crowbar Jones can be seen.

Culture References

The song playing while they're cleaning up bares a resemblance to Yakety Yack by The Coasters



International Premieres

  • January 18, 2019 (United Kingdom and Ireland)



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