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Ice Bear is gonna find you one day.
—"Icy Nights", Ice Bear to Barry's hologram

Ice Bear is one of the three main protagonists in We Bare Bears. Ice Bear is the youngest of the trio, but is, undoubtedly, the strongest, the cleverest, and, in some respects, the most mature of them. He was able to rescue his older brothers from certain death without too much hassle and is quick to jump into action if he finds a threat arising. He cares for both of his brothers dearly. He tends to do most of the chores of the house, though he doesn't seem to mind this. Despite his willingness to pitch in where the others don't, he still takes days off to relax and unwind.

Not only is he a smart and strong bear, but he's also essential to the Bears' brotherhood.


Ice Bear is an anthropomorphic polar bear. His body is completely covered in white fur. (Sometimes, it has a very light shade of yellow/brown, but like a lighter blue. Slightly more so than the white fur of Panda.) Even though he is the youngest of the Bears[3], he is taller, thinner, and stronger than his older brothers.


Ice Bear is characterized as monotone, emotionless, acerbic, and distant.

Ice Bear is almost always stoic and quiet, though not inherently unfriendly. He's rarely seen smiling, but he is the most polite and mature of the brothers. In fact, Ice Bear is notably more observant and has a better keen sense of danger than his brothers! This is most prominently demonstrated in the episode "Nom Nom", when he was the only one who could see through Nom Nom's celebrity personality and thus realize his dark intentions. Ice Bear is also very intellectual, as demonstrated in the episode "My Clique".

When Ice Bear actually speaks, which is not so common, he uses the third-person pronoun instead of "I", "Me", "Myself" etc. For example, if he wants to say "I need some water right now", he will, instead say "Ice Bear needs some water right now", (the habit coming from Yuri). Though seen throughout every episode where he has a speaking role, his struggle to use first-person pronouns is most notably seen in "The Audition". It has also been shown Ice Bear's voice is rather monotone, even when he is excited. Despite his stoic nature, he cares deeply for his brothers, taking care of them by doing most of the chores around the cave. In addition, Ice Bear appears to be very concerned with hygiene and cleanliness. Ice Bear has also been shown to be multilingual, as shown in episodes such as "Our Stuff", "My Clique", and "Video Date", to name a few. He is also somewhat interested in physical activity and has a keen interest in the cold; Ice Bear sleeps in the fridge and seems to love being on cold surfaces. He is also very interested in yoga, dancing, karate, and many other similar activities while he also spends a lot of time reading and tinkering with robotics, which can be seen in the episode "Everyday Bears" where he fights with a Roomba that has gone out of control.

As mentioned, Ice Bear does not like to show his emotions and he does not smile much. He is seen smiling in the episode "Cupcake Job". However, he was forced to smile, not out of willingness. He is also seen smiling in the episode "I Am Ice Bear", but that is because he has amnesia after knocking himself into a tree. But in "The Perfect Tree" Ice Bear smiled for a bit when he scared Chloe, which may imply that Ice Bear humors the idea of scaring. From the instances listed above, it is obvious that Ice Bear will not take the initiative to smile. However, there are moments when a small yet genuine grin manages to slip out of him, like in "Chloe and Ice Bear", when he silently shows his friend that he forgives her for all the trouble she caused and that, in the end, he honestly had a good time with her and also smiles in "Rooms", when he looked through Panda's private folder full of pictures of the trio together (however, the smile slowly fades when he sees a bunch of pictures from when Panda and Grizzly had a great time together, and Ice Bear wasn't there.). He also smiled in "The Park", after he successfully trained some playground children in martial arts and they used their new skills for good by helping to apprehend a crook that had stolen Grizzly's gym bag, indicating a sense of pride towards them and what they're capable of.

While he is undeniably strong, on several occasions Ice Bear hints that he is not to be crossed. However, under this tough image, he is still caring and compassionate and likes to help others, often assuming the role of a protector, as notably demonstrated in "Bear Cleanse". Ice Bear is also mysterious, doing many usual and unusual things with his brothers barely noticing, like building a robot clone of himself, and it is hinted in details (like background art) that there is a bit of action in his life that goes on secretly or off-screen.

Although it's a very rare occurrence, even Ice Bear can get angry. He still keeps his stoic nature, even when furious, which makes these few incidents all the more chilling.

Ice Bear spends a lot of time by himself relaxing or working on personal projects. Typically, he dislikes it when his brothers disturb him when he's in the middle of his moments of solitude. Though he does not like being bothered during his alone time, he dislikes being left out even less. He was unhappy when his brothers wanted to hang out with Nom Nom rather than him, and got angry when he thought they intentionally went to a baseball game without him.

Ice Bear seems to have an affinity for the color white. In "Chloe and Ice Bear" he seems excited to see the albino alligator, in "Fashion Bears" he chose an all-white attire for his clothes, in "Cellie" he is quick to snatch Panda's phone to take a picture of a white dog, and in "Assembly Required" he takes a white stuffed animal stating that he needs it.

While not showing it most of the time, Ice Bear is shown to greatly care about his brothers. As the series goes on, Ice has been shown to be visibly scared about their well-being whenever he knows that danger is afoot and that could harm them, or worse. When Grizzly sacrificed himself to dispose of the Jean Jacket, he held a crying Panda while he too cried (on the inside). In the episode "Nom Nom" he is greatly scared when realizing that Nom Nom planned to use his brothers to regain fame and fortune and not care if they are scarred for life or even death. In the VR experience when they thought they were gonna crash into the Sun and Panda locked him and Grizzly in the escape pod and launched them back to earth after realizing it could only fit two people, Ice Bear, along with Grizzly, is shown to be very scared for Panda's apparent demise to the point of crying with Grizzly. He is relieved upon realizing that it was just a simulation and Panda was alright.

While smart, on one occasion Ice Bear has been shown to be stupid like correcting a member on Monsta X for calling him a polar bear.

Daniel Chong has stated that the inspiration for Ice Bear's personality comes from Snoopy from Peanuts, Gromit from Wallace & Gromit, Abed from Community, and himself.[4]

The Three Bare Bears[]

Ice Bear's personality seems to have been mostly untouched compared to his brothers from his appearance in the comics to We Bare Bears. In the comics, he is notably much more talkative—although still retaining his tendency to speak in the third person—as well as being much more prone to expressing emotion. He also takes less of an active role in the cartoons, with Grizzly more often than not acting on behalf of all the Bears (though he does occasionally make suggestions as to what Grizzly should do). Ice Bear is more aggressive in the comics, saying things such as "I rip the lips off people who abuse their freedom" & more.


Ice Bear is truly a jack of all trades, as he possesses the apparent natural ability to do many skills one would need to practice for years in order to accomplish. Ice Bear is truly no ordinary polar bear.


Ice Bear is "very" athletic. He participates in many physical activities such as dancing and karate, and even shows interest in ice skating. Ice Bear can be seen performing several karate moves in "Chloe" in front of several critters and Chloe. He can also be seen performing a dance routine when he got trapped in a public fountain in "Cupcake Job".


His sense of smell is extremely keen as he was able to smell the police at his house which was quite a distance away.


Though Ice Bear may not speak very much, actions speak louder than words. He has shown to be capable of creating fully functioning machines, such as the Robot Bear in "Panda's Sneeze" or completely destroying and remaking the Roomba in "Everyday Bears". Though he's still a little rusty on machine-making, he demonstrates his quick thinking in several episodes, a prime example being in "Nom Nom". After being stuck in a large hole overnight, the Mailman soon arrives with a package for Grizzly. Knowing full well he'd fall into the hole as well, he positions himself to catch the Mailman. After seeing what he had delivered, he gets the idea to use the item, a Chop-o Choppa Copter, to fly himself out of the hole and rescue his brothers.

Though his speech is limited, Ice Bear is often shown to be a polyglot. Such as in "My Clique" when meeting Mr. and Mrs. Park, Ice Bear began to speak full sentences in Korean. In "Icy Nights" when talking to Yana, Ice Bear reverted his sentences from Russian to English, and vice versa. When working at Teppan Yaki, he is heard greeting his customers in Japanese. While he was pretending to be Panda in "Video Date" he spoke to Celine in French. He also seems to be able to communicate with other animals such as birds in "Our Stuff". Though it is unknown how we learned all of these languages, it is most likely that Russian was the first of them, learned from Yuri.



Ice Bear overpowers Ralph.

Strength is one of Ice Bear's "strong" points. He has been shown to possess incredible amounts of physical strength. This can be shown in "Panda's Date" when he lifts a boulder with relative ease or in "Viral Video" when he's easily able to lift Grizzly and slam him onto the ground. Being on the bottom of the Bears' stack also clearly proves Ice Bear's massive strength to carry his older brothers around for long periods without any signs of fatigue. He is the only character strong enough to overpower Ralph and beat him into submission easily.

However, despite being incredibly strong, he never seems to use that strength for fighting. He's seen acting very defensively, especially of his brothers, when faced with physical conflict. This passive nature can be seen in "Brother Up" when, despite there being only two wolves who are much smaller than him, he doesn't fight back. Ice Bear seems to try and avoid physical conflicts as much as possible. However, when facing situations forcing him to go violent, he is shown to be very forceful and fierce as demonstrated when he twists Ralph's hand to make him leave the cave or when he destroys Barry's robot minions with savage power and strength. When facing Barry's robot minions, he is shown to be strong enough to punch through metal.


Not only is Ice Bear incredibly muscular, he's also very strong when it comes to his claws (which are retractable). As demonstrated in "Everyday Bears", Ice Bear is able to lacerate objects using only his claws. In "Chloe", Ice Bear shows the College Students his claws while the three are being interviewed.


As seen in "Nom Nom" when Ice Bear is investigating Nom Nom's deadly plan for his brothers, he quickly has to hide before Nom Nom catches him snooping. He thinks quickly and stands up flat against a wall, blending in with it. This ability may be a play on the fact polar bears' fur is transparent.


Tumblr nsd6nr9tLy1uc3c0ho1 1280

Ice Bear's exceptional cooking skill

In the episode "Losing Ice", Ice Bear is shown to have an incredible capability of cooking delicious dishes. His series of actions in cooking in the stir-fry restaurant Teppan Yaki is performed briskly and done with perfection. Grizzly and Panda are often shown to be immensely amazed by the taste and quality of Ice Bear's dishes.



Ice Bear creates a cat face in the cup of coffee.

In the episode "Coffee Cave", Ice Bear is shown to have extraordinary coffee-making skills in which he can make great coffee drinks with various shapes of cream from animals, stars, and even a life-size cream statue in the coffee cup.

He is also shown to do all his barista work in mere seconds with great precision.

Weapon Proficiency[]

Ice Bear Breaks from Cage

Ice Bear using his axe to free himself from the cage.

Throughout the series, Ice Bear uses many weapons and masters the use of all of them. From ninja stars to nun-chucks to axe, he knows a lot about them and uses them to protect himself and his brothers. He mostly wields an axe as a tool or a method of self-defense.


Ice Bear flies plane

Ice Bear flies the plane to safety.

In "Baby Bears on a Plane" when the pilot passes out after choking on blueberry pancakes (who get saved by Ice Bear who performs the Heimlich maneuver) and the co-pilot grabs syrup, Ice Bear single-handedly landed the plane safely on the airport runway, saving both pilots and the passengers.


In "Food Truck" Ice Bear is shown to build a calzone food truck with ease in the span of less than a day which for most people will take a while. After completion the food truck was built to be drivable with a fully functioning kitchen.

In "Panda Sneeze." Ice Bear can be seen reading a manual on how to build a robotic clone. While Panda and Grizz see that Panda's sneezing video is viral Ice Bear can be seen building the robotic clones arm. In the interview on the show top of the morning, Ice Bear is seen standing backstage next to his fully built robotic clone but as he steps away the clone disappears and saw a hole in the wall. After the Annual cute-off, the robot kidnaps and runs off with Nom Nom.

Primal Form[]

Primal Ice Bear

Ice Bear in his primal form.

Under the influence of extreme hunger, Ice Bear can turn primal, in which he will become extremely aggressive and willing to attack anyone on sight.

In his primal form, Ice Bear is very hairy with bleak white eyes as well as sharp teeth. His strength is also augmented greatly in this stage.

This stage can be reversed if he is granted access to food sources.

Coffee Overdose Form[]


Ice Bear under the influence of caffeine overdose.

In "Coffee Cave", it is shown that Ice Bear cannot handle caffeine and will become incredibly hyperactive if he drinks it.

However, if Ice Bear drinks too much coffee, he will turn psychotic from the influence of the caffeine overdose. In this form, his eyes will turn red and he is often in the stage of violence since he will do anything to gain access to more caffeine, whether it is coffee or coffee beans.

This stage can be reversed when he completely crashes from caffeine for some time.


Everyday Bears Ice Bear with an Axe

Ice Bear with his axe.

Ice Bear's Fire Axe[]

It is a fire axe used by Ice Bear on several occasions. The fire axe has been used frequently throughout the series. The fire axe is usually not used for attacking but for some everyday things and Ice Bear even uses it as cutlery to cut meat in his dish. The only time it can be considered that Ice Bear used it to attack, was when Chloe invaded the cave in the episode "Chloe".

Roomba's Axe[]

In 4651 168

Ice Bear with Roomba's axe.

Roomba's axe is a short gray axe with a black and gray blade. For the time being this ax was only used once in the series, in the episode "Icy Nights" when Ice Bear fought the robots of Barry. This ax is inside Roomba and can be removed at any time by Ice Bear through a sound command. Roomba can also manipulate the ax, causing it to attack in its favor, as long as this is an Ice Bear order. In "Icy Nights" this ax was used to annihilate many of Barry's robots. But after one of the parts of the robots hit Ice Bear, the axe got stuck in the wall of the arena hole. An interesting fact is that the speed of the attacks of Ice Bear increases considerably when he is with that ax. This may be because this axe is small compared to the traditional Ice Bear axe.

Ninja Stars[]

The ninja stars have never been used definitively in the series, neither for the attack nor for any other type of use. They only belong to Ice Bear. The only time it can be said that a star was used was in "The Island" when Ice Bear throws a starfish into Dave's eye. He practiced using them as a kid in "Baby Orphan Ninja Bears", when he and his brothers were learning to be ninjas in New York, but they weren't officially used in battle.

Training Axe[]


Ice Bear used Yuri's axe when he was a cub.

Before being given Yuri's axe officially in "Yuri and the Bear" (as it was too heavy for the young cub to lift at the time) Ice Bear was given a smaller, lighter version to practice his technique for chopping wood as well as build up his strength. Since it was their deal that he'd only stay with Yuri if he earned his food and keep, Ice Bear was so determined to do the job right that he ended up using this particular axe as a dumbbell in his spare time.

Yuri's Axe[]

Yuri's axe was first used by Ice Bear in "Yuri and the Bear", and was not for attacking but for cutting wood. It is possible to see at the end of the episode that Ice Bear gets the axe and had caused some serious mischief with it when he ended up joining a "Band of Outsiders" in England (earning him the nickname "Axeman" before he stopped himself from going too far), but after that, the axe was never seen again.


As a cub, plastic shovels were practically Ice Bear's weapon of choice, as seen in both "Baby Orphan Ninja Bears" and in "Sandcastle". Whether or not he upgraded to real shovels as an adult hadn't been seen, though it has been hinted at due to a system of secret tunnels and chambers under the bear cave, most notably the secret bathroom under the fridge in "Rooms".

Driftwood Machete[]

In "The Island", when the cubs were stranded, Ice Bear used a piece of driftwood as a machete to cut a trail through the island's jungle, and threatened to use it as a weapon against a lizard that was chasing them the very moment it had them cornered.


It was shown in "Yuri and the Bear" that Ice Bear had lived in the Arctic (specifically Siberia) alone until he met a man named Yuri after bumping into one of the poles holding up his tent while evading a pack of hunting dogs. Because of this, Ice Bear grew up with Yuri, learning a lot of things such as cooking, wielding an axe, the Russian Alphabet, Geography, and Math while being his assistant. At some point, Yuri had Ice Bear promise to be kind to others, explaining that it did no good to return unkindness with more unkindness. One day, while Yuri was gone, Ice Bear stumbled upon his treasure chest to find a picture of him and his family. Because of that, he made a wooden horse and gave it to Yuri. Frustrated because Ice Bear found the family picture and broke the frame's glass, Yuri yelled at him to get out. Ice Bear got out as fast as he could and began to cry until he fell into a trap set by the other men. Yuri got him out of the trap and tried to lure the other men away until they were near the ocean. Yuri had no choice but to chop a part of where Ice Bear was standing and push him away from land, leaving the axe. Ice Bear became depressed until he saw that Yuri's axe was beside him. From there, Ice Bear wiped his tears and grabbed the axe furiously. He is the only one of the Bears to be confirmed to have remembered his backstory episode, as he recognizes Yana's picture of Yuri in "Icy Nights II".

In "Band of Outsiders", it was revealed that the ice floe eventually made its way to England, where Ice Bear was bullied by local animals, nearly hit by a car, and chased off by a baker he initially mistook for Yuri. He ran into an alley and cried, but snapped out of it when he heard Badger, Ashley, and Jo struggling to break a lock, which Ice Bear cut open with his axe. Impressed by his axe and skills with an airbrush, they dubbed Ice Bear "Axeman" and allowed him into their gang. Ice Bear, Badger, Ashley, and Jo later broke into the bakery to get revenge against the baker for his mistreatment of them. When Ice Bear was invited to bust open the cash register with his axe, he saw a picture of the baker's family and remembered his promise to Yuri. He refused to open the cash register, which escalated into a fight with the gang. However, when the police appeared and the kids started to panic, Ice Bear found them an escape route. Finally safe, they thanked Ice Bear for saving them and invited him to get some food. Ice Bear declined, and they bid him a cheerful goodbye as they went their separate ways.

In "We Bare Bears: The Movie" showed how Ice Bear met Panda and Grizzly. While Ice Bear was eating eggs from a bird's nest, he noticed Panda and Grizzly on the nearby train tracks calling for help; Panda's foot was stuck between the tracks and a train was fast approaching. Ice Bear spit out the eggs, rode in on an eagle, and dropped onto the tracks, where he helped free Panda. The Three Bears ran from the train, but Panda soon fell behind, so Ice Bear pulled him onto his back. Panda then reached out to Grizzly, who ended up sitting on top. Ice Bear tripped on a missing track and fell, but Grizzly caught them by hanging onto the edge, where they waited until the train passed overhead. When they resurfaced, Grizzly exclaimed that they made a great team and proposed that they stick together. The Bears put their paws together and promised to be brothers for life.


Grizzly Bear[]

Sneeze 124

Grizzly and Ice Bear cheering Panda on at the Cute-Off.

Grizzly and Ice Bear are (adoptive) brothers. Ice Bear is also shown to be close to Grizzly in episodes such as "Jean Jacket", where Grizzly sacrificed himself and Ice Bear cried (on the inside), or in "Viral Video" where he hugged Grizzly upon his return... Then he slammed him onto the ground for ditching him and Panda. Ice Bear was also seen close, literally, to him in "Occupy Bears" and "Hibernation", and also in the cub episodes. In "Emergency", Grizzly "knew" all Ice Bear needed was alone time after finding him at the skating rink. Grizzly acts much like a leadership figure to both Panda and Ice Bear, who is the older brother. He seems to hold a degree of respect for Ice Bear, and especially loves his food, to the point where he came up with the idea they start a food truck in the episode, "Food Truck". Although there are times when Ice Bear can disagree with Grizzly, Ice Bear still cares about him and still helps him in times of need. Ice Bear is shown to be very protective of Grizzly in "Nom Nom".

While Grizzly is aware of and respects Ice Bear's independence, he still loves and treats Ice Bear like his little brother. Despite Ice Bear's physical prowess, Grizzly takes it upon himself to be the protector of their pack. When the Bears were homeless as cubs, Grizzly was the one to go out and scavenge for food and supplies while Ice Bear stayed behind with Panda to build their shelter. And even though Ice Bear was completely non-verbal as a cub, Grizzly was almost always able to understand whatever Ice Bear was trying to say.

Panda Bear[]

Hibernation 221

Panda and Ice Bear enjoying a video of Grizzly they recorded.

Ice Bear and Panda are (adoptive) brothers. They can bear stack as a way of traveling faster. They are very close, such as in "Jean Jacket", when Ice Bear and Grizzly were extremely upset after Panda got smacked and when he consoled him after Grizzly's sacrifice. He also voluntarily stepped in to assist Panda in "Brother Up" and has shown great emotion after being separated from "both" of his brothers in the cub episodes. Ice Bear is shown to be very protective of Panda, as shown in "Nom Nom". They are shown working together to stop Grizzly's obsession with the burrito in "Burrito", and in the short, "Bear Cleaning", when they posed and took several selfies with Grizzly's clump of fur before putting it back. In "Hibernation" and "Panda's Sneeze" alike, they were shown bonding with each other. In the former, they were shown reading facts to each other about their respective species, and in the latter, Ice Bear had blushed when Panda asked if he thought his sneeze was cute, and later, at the cute-off, Ice Bear gave him a rose and called him precious.

In the episode, "Googs", Panda is invited to the Googs headquarters after winning a contest, and he brings Ice Bear and Grizzly as his guests. But Ice Bear and Grizzly constantly get themselves into trouble by messing with the high-tech equipment to the point where they get kicked out. Panda was infuriated with both his brothers, making them leave to give Panda space. After Panda is tricked into going on a solo mission to the moon by the Googs CEO, Ari Curd, and accidentally redirects the ship into the sun, the Bears start to hurdle to their deaths. But Panda nobly sacrifices himself by sealing his brothers in the escape pod and launching them back to Earth. He transmits a tearful goodbye, causing even Ice Bear to break his cold exterior and cry. Fortunately, it's revealed to have all been a trick played by Ari, and the brothers happily reunite. But they were all still upset by the near-death experience, and decide to forego the tour.

Chloe Park[]

Chloe and Ice Bear 170

Ice Bear protecting Chloe from the Albino Alligator.

First seen breaking into their house for investigation in "Chloe", Ice Bear and his brothers have since befriended her. The Bears agree to let her study and follow them around for a class project. But when they sneak a peek at the project, they're upset to find that everything she's written about them was negative. They decide to change her project without her knowledge, causing her embarrassment during her presentation. To make up for their actions, the Bears agree to do an in-depth Q&A for her class, saving her project. In "My Clique", he and the other Bears tended to Chloe to help her make friends, with him saying, "Ice Bear will make them love Chloe."[5] The lesson he proceeded to teach her to help her make friends, combined with Panda's and Grizzly's, caused her next attempt at making some friends go awry, and she ended up walking home in embarrassment. In "Chloe and Ice Bear", the two find themselves alone with one another for the first time after Grizzly and Panda stay behind to play a video game. Chloe tries to find something Ice Bear finds fun but is frustrated by Ice Bear’s lack of interest in everything she suggests. In her last attempt to save the day, they end up visiting the Natural Science Museum to see the Albino Alligator exhibit, to which, upon arrival at the exhibit, the museum is closed. But Chloe convinces Ice Bear to hide with her so they can stay in the museum after hours. Unfortunately, when they make it to the alligator paddock, the alligator won't come out. Out of desperation, Chloe hops down and tries to lure it out with a sandwich, terrifying Ice Bear. He hops in after her and shields her from the alligator when it comes out and stares at them. After a long period of silence and extreme eye contact, the alligator takes the sandwich and leaves them be. The two leave and Chloe apologizes for her actions, but for the first time, Ice Bear smiles fondly at her, clearly grateful for her trying so hard to make him happy. They head home together, tuckered out.

He seems to spend the most time with her individually out of all of the Bears. "Everyone's Tube" shows that the two like spending time together, indicating that they became closer after the events in "Chloe and Ice Bear" as they exit a restaurant together and notice a piano. Chloe sings while Ice Bear plays a tune on the piano. She and Ice Bear build a potato launcher in "The Demon" and end up launching her hoodie over the fence into her neighbor's yard where his dog (known as The Demon), has taken her hoodie into the house. Despite his fear of the aggressive dog, Ice Bear was willing to help Chloe get back her hoodie, knowing how important it was to her. "The Perfect Tree" also shows them getting a tree together while Panda and Grizzly stay behind to decorate the house. In "Hurricane Hal", the two were shown roller skating together and while trying to get away from the rain, they go underground in the sewer tunnels but accidentally wander into a subway tunnel. Ice Bear throws Chloe on his back and starts to outrun the train, racing to a manhole ladder. But when he successfully leaps to the ladder, Chloe slips off his back and falls onto the tracks, the rapidly approaching train mere seconds away from her. There wasn’t enough time to save them both, so Ice Bear jumps in front of Chloe to block the train, even though he knows it was futile but decides to die protecting her (luckily the train stopped in time due to a city-wide blackout and they survived). This proves the two have a bond so strong, Ice Bear would rather die than allow any harm to come to her.

Of the three, Ice Bear seems to spend more time with Chloe and has the closest bond with her, almost acting as a big brother to her at times.

Nom Nom[]


Ice Bear and Nom Nom fighting over a bottle of ketchup.

Ice Bear grows a hatred for Nom Nom very quickly after seeing how poorly he treated Grizzly in "Viral Video" and "both" of his brothers in "Nom Nom". Unlike the other Bears, Ice Bear maintains this attitude towards him consistently throughout the series. Its also been shown his hatred is ever-growing, as in "Nom Nom", his brothers start to look to Nom Nom more as he manipulates them. Nom Nom even ended up painting Ice Bear in a bad light to his brothers to get his way. In the episode "Nom Nom", Ice Bear even said, "Ice Bear hates butts" after Panda reminded Grizzly that Nom Nom was a "butt". During the night, when Ice Bear snuck out, suspicious of Nom Nom, he was shocked to find that Nom Nom's plan consisted of potentially murdering Panda and Grizzly. Before Ice Bear could go and stop the plan, however, Nom Nom made him fall into a ditch and covered it up, the other two Bears unaware of what had happened. The next day, when Nom Nom put his plan into action and almost succeeded, he lost control of the sharks he planned to use and ended up almost killed alongside Grizzly and Panda, however, with the help of a helicopter Grizzly had ordered a few days prior, Ice Bear was able to fly over to the event and save his brothers, throwing Nom Nom into a cotton-candy mixer in the process.

Even though Ice Bear has always been the most reluctant of the three bears in trust in Nom Nom, from the third season onwards, it looks like he's decided to give him another chance, telling that he's expecting a redemptive arc for Nom Nom in the episode "The Nom Nom Show", and even acting with him in "Crowbar Jones: Origins". All points that, as long as Nom Nom is redeeming himself and treating Grizzly in a better way, Ice Bear is trying to get along better with him.


Panda's Date 092

Ice Bear letting Lucy ride him on a merry-go-round.

Ice Bear and Lucy are friends. They met in "Panda's Date" when Lucy saved Panda's life after a moderate allergic reaction. When the three Bears hang out with Lucy, Ice Bear genuinely enjoyed the time they spent together, both he and Grizzly are unaware of Panda's jealousy due to his romantic feeling towards her. This escalated to the point where Panda locks Ice Bear and Grizzly up so he can have alone time with Lucy.

In "Dance Lessons", Ice Bear is shocked to learn what a terrible dancer Lucy is after Panda agrees to be her partner in a dance contest. The night of the contest, Panda fakes an injury instead of telling Lucy he doesn't want to dance with her. Ice Bear and Grizzly are openly disappointed in Panda's actions but try to warn him that Lucy was still in the room while Panda rants on about how awful Lucy's dancing is. Lucy leaves in tears while Grizzly implores Panda to make things right. Panda decides to enter the dance contest with Lucy while Ice Bear and Grizzly DJ for them. The pair win, but have to forfeit the prize after causing a substantial amount of damage to the venue. So Ice Bear and Grizzly decide to steal back the prize, a refrigerated truck, for Lucy.


Charlie episode 57

Charlie asking Ice Bear to blow his hand for good luck.

Charlie made a bad first impression of Ice Bear, as a majority of what Charlie did in "Charlie" aggravated him; from being overall disgusting and messy to ruining his dinner and making a mess of the cave, it's not surprising Ice Bear didn't like him very much. Both in "Brother Up" and "Charlie & The Snake", Ice Bear doesn't appear to be warming up to him as he still appears to be annoyed with Charlie's antics. In "Charlie Ball", however, it is shown that Ice Bear is starting to warm up to him, as shown when he allows Charlie to substitute for Panda in a game of basketball after he gets injured and requests to play with Charlie against Grizzly and Panda since he wants to win.


Ice Bear had met Annie in "Yard Sale" when he could sense her distress from going into labor. He had rushed to her side and coaxed her into doing breathing exercises. He also instructed Panda to stand by her side as a fill-in for her unconscious husband.


Yuri is only seen in one episode "Yuri and the Bear", but it was obvious that Ice Bear loved Yuri as a father. Baby Ice Bear was rescued from hunters by Yuri and was raised by him for an unspecified amount of time. Yuri grows fond of Ice Bear but lashes out at him when Ice Bear finds a picture of a young Yuri with his wife and daughter. Ice Bear runs away after Yuri throws a wooden horse Ice Bear carved for Yuri at him, but Ice Bear gets caught in a trap, alerting the hunters who were waiting near by to capture him. Yuri comes to save him, but when they get cornered at the shore, Yuri breaks apart the ice where Ice Bear was standing with his axe, sending Ice Bear floating out to sea. Ice Bear weeps, but picks up Yuri’s axe that's still embedded in the ice, determined to not waste Yuri's sacrifice, and survive.

After Ice Bear was sent out of the sea by Yuri, the two never saw each other again.


Ice Bear and Yana seem to have a rather complicated relationship. They're implied to have lived a life of action in the past but due to an incident Yana is resentful towards Ice Bear for this and isn't easily trusting of him.

In "Icy Nights II", it is shown that Yana is the daughter of Yuri.


Barry is Ice Bear's arch-enemy and the only villain so far that makes Ice Bear resort to extreme violence due to his murderous nature and greediness after his involvement in stealing Roomba's advanced technology by force. Compared to Nom Nom and Ralph, he is the type of villain Ice Bear takes great caution when facing which makes Nom Nom and Ralph look like an insignificant annoyance.


Isaac is a former competitor to Ice Bear. Both are tall, talented chefs and martial artists as you can see in "Bros in the City", they were fighting each other because the knot that was tied up to the oven by Isaac made them lose the rope and made their oven to crash down, the end of the episode they have the same cookbook "Cooking with Martha" then they hugged each other and became friends. In the episode "The Mall", they participate in the Ice Skating Competition and both won the gold medal. Isaac sleeps in a walk-in closet and Ice Bear sleeps in a fridge. They have the same voice actor.

Episode Appearances[]

Ice Bear has appeared in nearly every episode of We Bare Bears and as a cub he appears in every episode of We Baby Bears.

The episodes Ice Bear doesn't appear in are "Anger Management", "Poppy Rangers", "Summer Love", "Kyle", "Panda 2", "Ranger Games", "Vacation", "Family Troubles", "El Oso" and "Lord of the Poppies". He also lacks an appearance in the shorts, "Panda's Dream".


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  • Ice Bear had a violin in "Mom App" but he said he never practiced in years.
    • In the same episode, Ice Bear reveals he's wanted in Singapore.
  • Ice bear is afraid of cucumbers…deathly
  • Ice Bear took 4 semesters in learning box language (ep 1 of we baby bears)
  • Ice Bear is the tallest of the Three Bears.
  • Ice Bear bears an arsenal of recipes, being able to cook various unique dishes.
  • He is the only bear that has a driver's license. However, in "Road Trip", Ice Bear is shown to be bad at parallel parking but in the end, he is able to parallel park.
    • On his driver's license, Ice Bear's date of birth is labeled "Unknown". However, considering the fact real polar bear cubs are born sometime between November-January, and keeping his personality traits in mind, he's most likely a Capricorn or Aquarius.
Untitled 1

Ice Bear's driver license.

  • Ice Bear is a martial artist, wielding nun-chucks with great proficiency.
    • Ice Bear also owns ninja stars for protection. In "Our Stuff", he states he obtained them "legally".
  • Ice Bear can wield his axe in both hands with ease.
  • Ice Bear can play the bagpipes, as shown in "Jean Jacket".
  • Ice Bear is multilingual, as he has been shown to speak phrases in Japanese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, and French. He can also communicate with birds as shown in "Our Stuff".
  • Crew members have confirmed that Ice Bear is the youngest of the Bears.[3]
  • Ice Bear is shown to own a fire axe, which he keeps in the fridge, in "Viral Video", "Chloe", "Everyday Bears", and "Nom Nom".
    • In "Hibernation", he is seen reading a book titled "Hatchets Around the World", which refers to his axe.
  • Ice Bear has no actual bedroom in the cave, preferring to sleep in the fridge due to its temperature.
  • Ice Bear ordered a Vacuum Buddy in the episode "Everyday Bears", which makes it owned under him.
  • Ice Bear is the first in the Bear Stack, being at the bottom carrying his brothers which is because of his strength.
    • In the "Pilot", Ice Bear refers to his position at the bottom as "driving."
    • It can also be noted that in "Yard Sale", when he was backing the stack up, he mimicked the noise of a truck in reverse, going "Beep, beep, beep".
    • In "Bear Lift", Ice Bear says "Traffic signal!" when walking up to Darrel's landlord.
  • Ice Bear takes up most of the responsibilities of the house such as cleaning and cooking.
  • According to Ice Bear, he takes yoga classes as said in the episode "Primal".
    • In the same episode, it's revealed both Ice Bear and Panda can turn "primal" out of hunger.
  • In "Video Date", Celine is the first character shown in the show to refer to Ice Bear as "Ice Bear" rather than with pronouns.
    • In "Charlie", Charlie is the first character to refer to Ice Bear with a nickname, this being "Sunshine", rather than with pronouns.
    • In "Emergency", Grizzly is the first to call out Ice Bear's species.
  • In "Video Date", this was the first time Ice Bear was heard saying Panda's name, more than once, although it was to be disguised as him.
  • Ice Bear enjoys dancing. This is shown in the episode "Jean Jacket" when he obtains a salsa dancing coupon. He stated that it was the "best thing to happen to him".
  • In the episode "Chloe", Ice Bear has stated he knows all of his brothers' secrets.
  • In "Nom Nom", it is shown Ice Bear can camouflage.
    • This ability can also be played as a gag, as polar bears have "transparent" fur.
  • In "My Clique", it's shown Ice Bear has extreme talent in guessing in charades, being able to immediately and correctly guess what's being acted out.
  • In "Shush Ninjas", Ice Bear says he refuses praise, though in "Panda's Sneeze", he didn't mind when Panda thanked him.
  • In "Nom Nom", it's revealed Ice Bear cannot raise his voice from his usual quiet and monotone pitch, as his calls for help while trapped in the pit go unheard because he cannot make his voice any louder.
  • According to "Everyday Bears", "The Road", and "Pet Shop", he was mute for an indefinite period of time.
  • As shown in "Emergency", Ice Bear can knit.
  • As shown in "Chloe and Ice Bear", Ice Bear is shown to be very uncomfortable and avoidant around crabs ever since "Emergency".
  • There is strong evidence that Ice Bear may be autistic. The most important diagnostic criterion for this developmental disorder include savantism (e.g. high intelligence in specific areas, a rare condition exhibited with autism), higher-than-normal levels of sensitivity (such as with noise, touch, and smell), an obsession with maintaining the same scheduled routines daily, having special interests in obscure objects or hobbies, delayed development in language skills, and trouble expressing emotions via body gestures and vocal tonality.[2]
    • In the case of Ice Bear, he is monotonous, exhibited delayed language learning (as Baby Ice Bear is mute), has a very strong desire for structure and routine (especially cleaning), and has a really poor ability to display emotions through facial gestures (such as smiling), all of which Ice Bear has shown to exhibit in at least one episode. A few episode examples include "Chloe and Ice Bear", "Rooms", "Cupcake Job", and any of the Baby Bears' episodes.
    • The episode example in "Cupcake Job" is particularly interesting because Ice Bear behaves socially awkwardly at his job. Not only was he seen struggling to retain a regular smile, but Ice Bear also tried sneaking behind people to advertise the "Cupcake Shop". These are decent examples of how Autism Spectrum Disorder may affect people in real life.
  • Ice Bear calls himself a survival hero in the episode "Tote Life" after having rescued his brothers from the tote-avalanche inside the cave.
  • As shown in "Charlie & The Snake", Ice Bear (along with his brothers) is afraid of snakes.
    • He also shows that he can speak French in this episode.
  • In "Pet Shop", Ice Bear had a pet collar labeled as "Fabio".
  • As seen in "Pet Shop" and "Chloe and Ice Bear", Ice Bear's behavior towards dogs makes it apparent he doesn't like them, no doubt a coping mechanism for the subconscious trauma he endured as a cub in "Yuri and the Bear" via the fact that the poachers that were after him (and possibly orphaned him) had hunting dogs.
    • Although he denied his fear at first by claiming himself to be an "even crazier dog", Ice Bear had to face his living nightmare when he encountered "The Demon"-- a dog vicious enough to actually harm him as an adult-- all in an effort to get Chloe's hoodie back from its owner's back yard. After finding out that wearing that sweater helped tame that very same dog, however, Ice Bear started to have more positive interactions with the otherwise rowdy canine, which seemed to be a step in the right direction.
  • Ice Bear occasionally sleeps with his eyes open.[6]
  • In the episode "The Island", it's partly believed that Ice Bear may have undergone the process of being taught how to talk in English by both Grizzly and Panda throughout their childhood.
  • Ice Bear's stage name is Alonzo Tigerheart, as revealed in "The Audition".
  • Since the beginning of the show, nobody has called Ice Bear by his name except in the episode "Video Date" referred to by Celine. Ice Bear is always referring to himself as "Him", "Bro", or "Little Bro" by Grizzly and Panda.
    • This changes in "I, Butler", in which Panda calls Ice Bear by his real name when he gets sprayed by water from Robot Bear.
    • The closest Grizzly has ever come to saying Ice Bear's name was in "Pizza Band", when he called him "Icy B".
  • Ice Bear wears glasses when driving, as shown in the episode "Road Trip".
  • In "Bear Cleanse", it is revealed that Ice Bear's heartbeat sounds like a working jackhammer.
  • Ice Bear finally talks like a normal bear in the Season 3 episode "I Am Ice Bear" and talks loud and raises his voice a little bit just like he tries to in the episode "Nom Nom".
  • Ice Bear says he likes the cat-mouse paradox mousepad, implying he likes to think about paradoxes and solve them.
  • Ice Bear was once frozen in a block of ice, as shown in the short episode "Frozen Ice".
    • Despite that, Ice Bear felt no ill effects from it since his species is born for the ice, though he did brush the whole experience as a "weird dream" before excusing himself to use the bathroom. In fact, the only time being cold ever actually bothered him was in "Bear Flu" when he experienced chills along with his fever and claimed he was "cold in a bad way".
  • In "Braces", he claims to have at least 17 degrees.
  • In "Yuri and the Bear", Ice Bear is shown hiding from a group of poachers. One of the poachers wears a bear skin on his back. It is possible Ice Bear's parents were killed by these poachers.
  • In "I Am Ice Bear" the white hoodie that Ice Bear took in the fridge is almost the same as Isaac's. The difference is Ice Bear's white jacket is non-sleeved while Isaac's has long sleeves.
  • Baby Ice Bear appears in a lot of Baby Bears episodes and is reprising for the spin-off series We Baby Bears, though he's not coming back as his old self this time and is unable to because it's a spin-off series, he'll officially be returning as a totally brand new anime character.
  • Despite being the youngest, his voice actor is the oldest of the voice actors for the main protagonists.
  • Ice Bear is shown to have a fear of cucumbers, as seen in the episode, "More Everyone's Tube", to the point that when Panda dresses up as one, Ice Bear threw Panda out of the window.
  • Unlike Baby Ice Bear in the main series, Baby Ice Bear has more dialogue in We Baby Bears.

Cultural References[]

  • Ice Bear has somewhat similar traits to the character Susan Strong from Adventure Time, as both speak in third person, including referring to themselves with their own name, along with both being the tallest of their relatives, and both have amazing physical strength.
  • In "Occupy Bears", Ice Bear states he like turtles.
    • This is a reference to a popular internet meme where a news reporter asks Jonathan Ware about his zombie face-painting, in which case he responds with "I like turtles". The episode similarly plays it out as how it did in the video, with the reporter asking Ice Bear his opinion on their cave being destroyed, Ice Bear irrelevantly responding with "Ice Bear likes turtles."
  • In "Bear Lift", Ice Bear references three popular car chase action movies, them being Need for Speed, The Fast and Furious, and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
  • Ice Bear's Roomba audio that's used, almost like R2-D2 in the Star Wars series.


  • Polar Bears are known as "ice bears" in several different languages, like Norwegian (isbjørn).
    • It's shown in "Hibernation" that Ice Bear refers to other polar bears as "ice bears".
  • His species, Ursus maritimus, lives on three different continents: North America (Canada, Greenland, Alaska), Europe (parts of Norway), and Asia (Russia)
  • Polar Bears, alongside Giant Pandas, are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species[7] and as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act.[8]
  • Polar Bears weren't originally part of the "Ursus" genus, but instead, a part of its own genus, "Thalarctos",[9] However, with the evidence of hybrids between polar bears and brown bears and the recent evolutionary divergence between the two species, its current scientific name is now widely accepted.
  • Though their fur can appear tan or white, polar bears have transparent fur.[10]
  • Polar bears are considered one of the largest terrestrial carnivores.[11]
  • In the short "Log Ride", it is revealed that Ice Bear sweats under excessively cold conditions.
  • Polar bears do have the capacity to sweat, through the mouth and nose, much like dogs.[12] An article on one of the coldest Arctic summers on record[13], dated to 2013, states that it caused "many" polar bears to break out in a sweat.[14]
  • In the slow-motion scene in the "Pilot" of the ice cream cake flying through the air, Ice Bear can be seen eating grass. Polar Bears are known to eat things like grass to pass the time.
  • In "Hibernation", Ice Bear read that only female polar bears can hibernate, which is simply untrue. In reality, polar bears don't actually need to hibernate[15], but rather, pregnant polar bears den up for the colder months.[15]
  • Polar bears have the greatest sense of smell than any bear species. This is shown in "Burrito" where Ice Bear is most disgusted by the rancid odor given off by the rotten burrito and also sniffed around to track the source.
  • Ice Bear doesn't talk much, and he isn't very loud, yet he does have a way with words when he does speak, and he only speaks his mind when the time seems right to do so. This could be based on the fact that, like him, real polar bears are known to be "silent giants" when, in truth, they have a wide variety of sounds to communicate --from growling to humming, chuffing to crying-- when feeling certain emotions, mainly when they are distressed, hungry, angry, and content. They just prefer mainly to communicate with scent and body language, and only "speak up" in certain situations such as building a bond between a cub and its parents, or when settling disputes between males over female mates.[16]


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