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Ice Bear's Axe is a fire axe owned and used by Ice Bear on several occasions. The axe has been used frequently throughout the series. It has made its first appearance in the "Pilot", and made its main series debut in the episode "Viral Video".


The axe has been used frequently throughout the series. The axe has a brown wooden handle, with the head being mostly red, and a grey blade.


In the "Pilot", it's first seen with Ice Bear in the fridge. He's using it to carve a small figure of a literal "Ice Bear". It is seen a few scenes later where Ice Bear is, holding the axe in-mouth, swinging it at the closet door Panda is sitting in, trying to get him to come out.

Viral Video[]

Ice Bear uses it as a substitute for a knife to cut a steak.


When Chloe infiltrates the Bear Cave, Ice Bear surprises her by jumping out of the refrigerator with his axe in-hand.

Everyday Bears[]

Ice Bear uses it to cut down a large tree Grizzly and the Roomba were stuck in, causing it to fall into the Bear Cave. He subsequently destroyed the out-of-control Roomba.

Nom Nom[]

After having an anger fit from Nom Nom's behavior, Ice Bear goes and tries to sleep in the fridge. Inside, the axe can be seen right beside him.

Occupy Bears[]

Ice Bear is seen sleeping with the axe in the fridge while everyone else is sleeping. It's also seen not too long later, leaning against the wall of the fridge after Grizzly came looking for Ice Bear.


Ice Bear tried to use it to get Captain Craboo off his ear, only to be stopped by his brothers.

Coffee Cave[]

After Ice Bear is obsessed with coffee, he chases Grizzly and Panda around the cave for the last bag of coffee beans.

The Kitty[]

When the baby cougar's family invades the Bear Cave, it gets chewed up, angering Ice Bear.

Icy Nights II[]

Ice Bear takes it with him for a mission involving Yana.

I Am Ice Bear[]

Ice Bear uses it when he is carving the tree.


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