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Unofficial This article contains information on a subject that is not considered canon in the world of We Bare Bears.

The Ice Cream Cake is a birthday cake that makes it first and only appearance in the "Pilot".


The cake consists of two large pieces of chocolate cake, sandwiched together with Neapolitan ice cream in between. There is white frosting on the top, surrounding five pink candles.


In the "Pilot", Grizzly asks if he, Panda and Ice Bear can have some of the children at a birthday party's birthday cake. Due to their rambunctious actions previously at the party, the children at the party tell them no, and threaten to call the police if they don't tell them who they are and leave.

After refusing the leave, the children start to throw plastic sporks at the Bears and push them around, trying to get them to leave. This causes Grizzly to claw a child in anger, making them cry. After regretting the decision, the children start to corner the Bears against a tree. When they bump into it, a spider slides down from the tree, scaring everyone around it. When Grizzly tries to get rid of it, he only causes more to appear. They then all hop off the tree and head right for the Ice Cream Cake.

The Bears race to save the cake, only ending up dropping it on the ground. Ice Bear spawns the idea to use the party hats as cones to scoop up and eat the cake. All of the cake is eaten before Panda can have some.


  • The colors of the three different ice cream flavors in the cake indicate it is a Neapolitan ice cream cake.

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