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Isaac is a minor character who was first seen in "Panda's Friend". He is the human counterpart to Ice Bear.


He's only seen wearing a white hoodie, with dark grey bottoms and black shoes. His hair appears to be of medium length and his bangs can be seen sticking out from the hoodie.

Episode Appearances

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  • Daniel Chong confirmed that the human dopplegangers' appearance in "Panda's Friend" would not be their last in the show.[1]
  • In "Bro Brawl", its revealed that Isaac's profession is working as a Chef (5 star), further displaying his similarities to Ice Bear, whom also excels in cooking.
  • In "Bro Brawl", Isaac beats Ice Bear in the cooking challenge, but only because Ice Bear's hair was in his dish.
  • Another similarity that both Isaac and Ice Bear seem to share (that the 2 other siblings don't) is the fact that both Isaac and Ice Bear are voiced by Demetri Martin.
  • In "Panda's Friend", it's said that Isaac sleeps in a walk-in closet, similar to how Ice Bear sleeps in a fridge.


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