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Isaac is a minor character who was first seen in "Panda's Friend". He is the human counterpart to Ice Bear.


He's generally seen wearing a grayish white hoodie, with dark grey bottoms and black shoes. His hair appears to be beige and of medium length and his bangs can be seen sticking out from the hoodie.

In the episode "Bro Brawl", he is shown to be wearing a whiter shirt underneath his hoodie, as well as an aegean blue helmet like his roommates. During the cooking round, Isaac has momentarily discarded his helmet to sport a white chef toque hat; and in the dress up round, along with Griff, he is seen wearing a grayish white shirt and light gray boxer shorts.

For an ice-skating competition in the episode "The Mall", Isaac donned a onesie that includes his skates, is of similar shade to his hoodie, and designed with magenta flames.

In "Bros in the City", he is briefly seen in the Bros in the City intro, wearing his hoodie, swim trunks of similar color as his pants, and black flip flops.

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  • Daniel Chong confirmed that the human doppelgangers' appearance in "Panda's Friend" would not be their last in the show.[1]
  • In "Bro Brawl", it's revealed that Isaac's profession is working as a Chef (5 star), further displaying his similarities to Ice Bear, whom also excels in cooking.
  • In "Bro Brawl", Isaac beats Ice Bear in the cooking challenge, but only because Ice Bear's hair was in his dish.
  • Another similarity that both Isaac and Ice Bear seem to share (that the 2 other siblings don't) is the fact that both Isaac and Ice Bear are voiced by Demetri Martin.
    • As well as this, they both speak in the third person.
  • In "Panda's Friend", it's said that Isaac sleeps in a walk-in closet, similar to how Ice Bear sleeps in a fridge.
  • Isaac is the only player to not wear a shirt that corresponds to their team in "Bro Brawl".


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