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This article is about the object. You may be looking for the episode.

The Jean Jacket is an article of clothing that was discovered by the Bears. The jacket is seen as a mystical article of clothing, having the power to decide someone's fate in various situations using luck. It made its first and only appearance in the titular episode "Jean Jacket".


It is a dark blue jacket, presumably made from denim, with a portrait of a tiger on the back, different spatial and planetary things, such as planets, stars or comets, around the tiger. The back is also bedazzled with various different jewels.

Jean Jacket

The jacket was found by Grizzly when searching for his music sheet in a garbage dumpster after the wind blew it away. Ice Bear jumps in to assist him. After seeing a twinkle amidst the garbage, Grizzly digs through it and finds the bedazzled jean jacket. The Bears try it on and start to enjoy the jacket. Their time taking turns with the jacket goes well for a while, as they believe it has great powers that bring luck to them. Once they return home with the jacket after it starts to rain, the Bears start to fight over it, but eventually realize the jacket is cursed in which Grizz realizes that the jacket is destroying their brotherhood by appealing to the greed of each of them, after accidentally injuring Panda. They return the jacket to where it once came from by Grizzly jumping in the dumpster then coming out, lifting the curse.


  • Despite its apparent powers to shift someone's luck, there were several scenes in the episode where it could seem like the incidences were only coincidences;
    • However, several other scenes made it appear they might not have been coincidences at all.
  • The Jean Jacket is based off a jacket that Eric Edelstein, Grizzly's voice actor, owns.[1]
  • The Jean Jacket is the only mystical object so far in the series.


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