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Karla was first seen in stranded on an island as a shipwrecked castaway alongside Dave in the episode "The Island". The two apparently have been trying to find a way off for a while.


Karla is a thin young American woman, though seems to be somewhat muscular from having been working day and night to escape the island. She has a light tan complexion, and long, unkempt ginger hair with a small ponytail in the back. She's seen wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of blue-gray shorts, both articles dirty, as well as white sandals with blue circles on the toe straps.


Karla is quite a friendly and caring young woman who is willing to help almost anyone that she cares for her sister greatly, similar to the care and love the Bears show for each other. When she and Dave first rescued the Cubs in "The Island", Karla was quick to ask them if they were alright and to offer them to stay with her and Dave, acting like a motherly figure for them.

She doesn't have any interest for Dave, despite Dave having had a delusional crush on her very quickly after the two had first gotten stranded together. Karla didn't take it very well finding out Dave had purposefully kept the two stranded so he could romantically advance on her, angrily calling him out on this demented scheme. After finding out Dave's scheme, she and the Cubs used another raft near the surface to escape the island, leaving him behind.



Karla had a pretty awkward relationship with Dave, having little to no interest in him. If anything, the only reason she tolerated being around him was because he was a fellow fellow castaway, and was the only other person on the island with her. However, Dave often cares about Karla to the point of being obsessed with her: sabotaging the baby bears and leaving them to die in quicksand, writing schemes and plans to eliminate everyone that stands between them (even escape attempts from the island), and marry Karla. She eventually finds out and becomes disgusted with him and willingly leaves him behind while she and the Baby Bears escape the island.

The Bears[]

Karla helped the cubs when they were about to sink on a quicksand trap they went through. She and the cubs immediately bond while Dave remains aloof and uninterested. Karla sang a song for the cubs and talks about her close relationship with her sister. She developed a maternal instinct for them during their time on the island, worrying for their safety after they disappeared, and was utterly furious and disgusted with Dave after it was revealed he tried getting rid of them AND deliberately hindered their escape attempts from the island. Once she finally escaped with the bears on the raft, she covered them with a blanket to shield them from the cold on their raft, once again showing her care for them. Unfortunately, their time was cut short when a rescue boat finally came by, saving Karla, but unintentionally leaving behind the bears behind due to the blanket covering them, and causing the bears to drift away to Japan. It is unknown what happened to Karla afterwards, but it is presumed that she likely never saw the bears again, which probably devastated her.


  • Karla makes it clear that she loves and misses her sister very much as her motivation of getting off the island is to go home and see her again. Since it was shown that Karla got on a rescue boat, it's presumed that she reunited with her.

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