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Kyle is an Australian koala who first appeared as the titular antagonist in "Kyle". He has only appeared once in the show so far.

It should be noted, Kyle was the name of Nom Nom's brother, who he was pretending to be. It may be his real name as well, as no other name was ever given for him.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 3[]


Kyle is the same height as Nom Nom and look almost exactly like him, only his fur is much darker in color. For the majority of his appearance, he was seen wearing a set of thick, fake eyebrows to mimic a koala shown in Nom Nom's family photo.


During his time pretending to be Nom Nom's brother he showed himself to be very friendly and likeable, however this personality was false.

The real Kyle doesn't seem to like direct confrontation, preferring to use lies and manipulation to get what he wants. Upon being revealed as a fraud, his first instinct is to try and talk his way out of it, reminding Nom Nom "you were alone before you met me" and claiming their relationship is mutually beneficial.

He also seems to have little or no empathy for others, as when he realized his contract gave him full ownership of the estate if something happened to Nom Nom, he immediately abandoned his "brother" to die, which would have happened had Nom Nom not been saved at the last second by Farmer.


In "Kyle", he showed up to Nom Nom's estate claiming to be his long lost brother. They became friends and agreed to live together until Kyle slips up and his eyebrows fall off, revealing that he's just a random koala off the street and just wanted to steal Nom Nom's fortune and mansion. He is wanted by police and arrested in the end.


Nom Nom[]

For a time, their relationship was very strong. In fact, Kyle seemed to be the first person that Nom Nom actually respected. After the reveal that he was only using Nom Nom for his fame and wealth, their relationship became understandably worse. Kyle at first tried to talk things out, but ultimately decided to try to kill Nom Nom and steal his estate that way. Quite understandably, Nom Nom ended the episode thoroughly despising Kyle.

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