The Library is a grand location that made its first appearance in the episode "Our Stuff".

It makes its second appearance in the episode "Shush Ninjas" and "The Library".



The library is a gray building with columns in the front that hold up an overhang over the entrance. There are four large windows on the front side and a window over the front door. There is a book engraved on the front with the text "Public Library" under it.


Inside are isles of bookshelves and computers. At the entrance, there's a detector that will sound an alarm to any unpurchased item, usually seen in stores. The Library has two stories.

Our Stuff

When the Bears had gone to a group of pigeons for interrogation, one of them led the Bears to the Library where they got the idea of using the Library's internet to track Panda's phone in order to find their backpack's location. Once they managed to track its location, they tried to print out a sheet with the coordinates, but printer ended up jamming. They proceeded to leave the Library.

Shush Ninjas

After the Bears were kicked out of the theater from causing too much of a disturbance amongst the theater blocks, they headed to the Library to mourn over their failed mission in silence and read. One of the theater's employees ran after them to the Library to call them back after learning of a theater block that couldn't be handled alone. After telling the Bears they could have their refund they hadn't yet received, they declined the money and, after getting dressed in their signature Shush Ninja outfits, they left the Library to take care of the issue.


  • The appearance of the Library can be contrasted to the appearance of California University, as both are grand buildings with an enormous main entryway.

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