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Now, what's this I hear about giving up? You can't do that! You're a handsome, upstanding grizzly!
Hibernation, Little Bear to Grizzly as he's on the verge of giving up hibernation

Little Bear[1] is a fictional bear and the protagonist of the children's book Good Night Grizzly. He portrays your typical grizzly bear and is the guide of the book to help educate readers on hibernation and what is involved. He was only seen in the episode "Hibernation" as the guide of the book and as a personified form of Grizzly's intrusive thoughts as he slumbered.


Little Bear is seen wearing a red scarf. He has light brown fur with a tan muzzle, the insides of his ears the same color. His head is illustrated to be comically large and he's seen to be rather chubby.


In what was later revealed to be a dream, Grizzly was having a hard time falling asleep in his attempts to hibernate. Eventually, he gives up and is about to head back inside to his brothers when he hears a mysterious voice call out to him. Jumping to the sound of this voice and hearing it possibly come from his book, he peers inside to check. Thinking it was just his imagination, he picks up the book and is about to head back to the cave once more when he hears the voice again. Rattled, he ends up dropping the book. As it lands, it opens up and a live Little Bear is seen within the book. He then introduces himself and quickly manages to coax Grizzly into the book.

Hibernation 171

Little Bear introducing Grizzly to the world of Good Night Grizzly.

Grizzly, now excited that he's in the book, begins to admire his surroundings. Soon enough, Little Bear begins to explain hibernation, what it means, and why it's so important, and even manages to convince him that his brothers would make fun of him if he went back prematurely, at least for a little while.

They soon draw to the end of the story and Grizzly asks where the "end part" is; where he wakes up and parties with his brothers wearing little hats. The small grizzly explains to him how there is no ending beyond hibernation. These causes Grizzly to grow increasingly distraught and he begins to run back to the beginning. Little Bear chases after him, trying to convince him to stay. He tells him how his brothers would only leave him and laugh at him. The harassment soon ends upon the question of "Don't you want to be special?" to which Grizzly realizes that he only wants to be with his brothers. Upon this realization, the book closes and he wakes up from his dream.


  • Little Bear is the first non-human character in the series to share a species with another character, that character being Grizzly.


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