Log Drop Lodge is a rather large log ride in an unnamed amusement park. It seems to be the main attraction as, compared to the glimpses of the other rides seen, it's the largest and most glamorous. It first appeared in "Burrito" and was the main setting in "Log Ride".


The attraction is rather large. It's built to look like a cove and is themed after pirates, including things such as palm trees, tiki masks, barrels, and treasure. A pirate can even be seen inside the ride atop a sea monster.

The design of the attraction is rather inconsistent in places as, on the outside, pine trees can be seen, which are generally not found in tropical environments. On the inside, a Chinese dragon can also be seen.

The ride itself starts from the shack where, after boarding, the passenger will be taken on a tour throughout the cove until they reach the top where they'll speed down a large drop, representing a waterfall. After reaching the bottom, the ride is over.


Though Grizzly isn't seen riding it, the attraction is briefly seen in a shot during the montage sequence.

Log Ride

After getting praised for their picture the first time riding it, The Bears ride this ride over and over again in an attempt to get another perfect picture. They end up getting a good picture just before the amusement park closes, however they're left wet, cold, and miserable.

Cultural References

  • This ride may be a parody of Disney's Splash Mountain. The attraction's appearance also seems to take inspiration from Splash Mountain.


  • The first full shot of the ride shows a massive drop leading directly to the shack. However, this doesn't appear while the Bears are on the ride later in "Log Ride". Instead, a much smaller drop is in its place that leads into the side of the shack.
    • This massive drop can also be seen in "Burrito" during the montage.

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