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Marie is a minor character who is the creator and host of the Everyone's Tube discussion web show: Mornings with Marie. She makes her first appearance in the episode "Nom Nom".

She also appears in the episode "Panda's Sneeze".


Marie is the host and star of her web show: Mornings with Marie. She has long, light brown hair. She appears to have eyelash wings and she has freckles. She wears glasses with black frames and a teal shirt with a light blue symbol on the chest.

So far, she only has one known episode of Morning with Marie, though it's implied she has many more episodes. The only episode shown is called "NOM-NOM BLOWUP!!" where she talks about, clearly, Nom Nom. She reported how Nom Nom had blown up at a fan during a book signing. She talks about how Nom Nom claims he was in the right and how the event will ruin Nom Nom's internet fame, which it did.


  • Along with the Waitress, Marie is one of the few minor characters whom we never see their full body, only their upper half.
  • In "Panda's Sneeze", Marie hosted the Cute-Off.

Cultural References[]

  • Marie and her web show, Mornings with Marie, is a nod to the various YouTube web shows that talk about various celebrities and their current actions and whereabouts.
  • The symbol on Marie's shirt is a Triforce from "The Legend of Zelda" franchise, which is owned by Nintendo.



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