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Mark is a white chicken who is owned by an old woman. He made his first appearance in "Grizz Helps".


Mark is a chicken with white feathers and a red crest. He also has a little blue bow tie on his chest. Mark is a big chicken compared to a normal one. Its wings are medium and its eyes are black and big.

The missing[]

After Mark disappeared, his worried owner began to make disappearance announcements. After Grizz saw one of the ads on the internet, Grizz responded to the announcement. But the owner of Mark did not see Grizz's answer. After Grizz recognized Mark's owner as he helped the garbage collectors, Grizz asked if she had seen his response. After Mark's owner replied that she had not, and said that she was busy putting up the vanishing posters with Mark's hope to get back to her, Grizz offered to help her find Mark, thus distributing posters across the city. After finishing placing the posters, leaving only one, Grizz then decides to put the last poster on a door of an apparently abandoned warehouse. But when he was about to put the poster, a man of bad appearance opened the door, thus exposing Grizz. But after Grizz heard a cluck, Grizz then assumed Mark was inside in the warehouse, so he decided to break into the establishment so he could rescue Mark. Then after rescuing Mark from the scientist and handing the dogs over to the owner, Grizz then gives Mark over to his owner.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 2[]

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