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Meme-Con is a convention located in San Fransisco, California that made its first appearance in the episode "Viral Video".

At Meme-Con, they hold a competition, judged by Nom Nom himself, along with other assumed internet celebrities such as Gluten Cat and Balancing Lizard. The Bears go there to see the internet sensation Nom Nom. The convention also has a cat lovers' panel, an octopus artist, and a Porkins the Pig book signing for "A Vision in Pink".


  • The name makes it evident the convention is meme-centered.
  • Nom Nom is apparently the icon and the assumed organizer of the convention, as he's seen in the advertisements and is also on the sign.

Cultural References[]

  • Meme-Con is likely a reference to Comic-Con in real life, and in fact, the international Comic-Con is also hosted in San Diego, California; Meme-Con is hosted in the same state.


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