Miki-chan is a body pillow owned by Panda. It made its first appearance in the episode, "Hibernation".


The body pillow, also known as a Dakimakura (抱き枕), features an anime-esque female human with purple hair, large blue eyes, and a blue school girl outfit, who is, presumably, named Miki-chan. The body pillow itself is a dull pink color.


Panda is shown with it laying against him, attempting to feed her a piece of Pocky. Later, she's stolen by Grizzly when he takes several pillows from throughout the house before carrying them together into a shack outside the Cave. He attempts to fall asleep laying next to it, but is unable to due to him not being tired at all. Later, after waking up from his daze, it's shown that he'd been running around with the pillow on top of his head. The pillow is then taken outside as the bears decide to get some fresh air, with Panda taking the pillow back from Grizzly in the end.


Panda refers to Miki-chan as his girlfriend.


The baby cougar starts to scratch Miki-chan.


It appears in Grizz's movie.


  • During the production of the episode, Miki-chan was originally named Yuki-chan.[1]
  • Panda refers to Miki-chan as his girlfriend, as heard in the episode, "Panda's Art".

Cultural References

  • Miki-chan is a Dakimakura (抱き枕 dakimakura) ("抱き | daki" comes from the Japanese verb, "抱きる | dakiru", which means "to embrace or cling", and "枕 | makura" means "pillow"), a type of large pillow that originates from Japan; they're also known as, simply, a body pillow. They're known for having a full-body image of a Bishojo (美少女 bishōjo | lit. beautiful girl), or a Bishonen (美少年 bishōnen | lit. beautiful youth [boy]), on both the front and back side of the pillow of a character from an anime, game, manga/comic, etc., and having them appear in a variety of poses, some even being rather suggestive. They've become a very popular thing in the Otaku (オタク otaku) culture.


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