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Internet Celebrities[]



Porkins is a Yorkshire pig and is one of the known animal internet celebrities. It was only seen at a Meme-Con stand attempting to sign books, presumably their own. It is seen wearing what appears to be a flower crown made up of Gerbera Daisies.

Porkins is also seen accompanied by a blond-haired human girl who is likely it's owner and/or trainer and was only seen in "Viral Video". Porkins later makes a cameo appearance in "We Bare Bears: The Movie" at the Internet Celebrity animal rave party.


Gluten Cat

Gluten-cat is a Meme-Con judge, sitting alongside the Balancing Lizard and Nom Nom. It also appears to be an orange-and-white tabby cat. Just like the Balancing Lizard, Gluten-cat was only seen in it's debut in "Viral Video" Gluten-cat later made a cameo appearance in "We Bare Bears: The Movie" at the Internet Animal Celebrity rave party.

Gluten-cat is a reference to the meme known as cat breading which involves placing pieces of bread around cats' heads.

Balancing Lizard[]

Balancing Lizard

The Balancing Lizard is another one of the three Meme-Con judges. This lizard mostly resembles the Pogona Vitticeps, bearded dragon, and can even be seen balancing most fruits that are part of its diet.

The Balancing Lizard references the internet trend of people balancing as many small fruits as they can on the heads of lizards.


Liz png

Liz is a homeless pigeon with one leg. She attended Meme-Con as a contestant in "Viral Video". Her special talent is tap dancing. Her owner and trainer is a homeless man; both of whom live in the dump.



Mouse is a light-furred mouse that had found its way into Panda's room and on his laptop in "Everyday Bears". Panda spent most of the episode attempting to get rid of the mouse when it unintentionally made Panda's followers drop significantly, by accidentaly posting wrong information about him and posting his private and embarrasing pictures.

The small rodent was eventually removed from the cave after Grizzly crashed into the roof from a tree and a fireman came to rescue them. Ice Bear handed the fireman the mouse who proceeded to take it to safety.

The mouse reappears again in "Vacation."