Miss Chriss is a minor character and was first introduced in "Panda's Art".


Chriss is a tall woman with long gray hair. Her skin is white, her nose is upturned, and her ears are small and her eyebrows are thin. It is possible to notice the crow's feet on her face, which possibly came about thanks to her age. In addition, she wears a dress with a gray jacket and a green scarf. Chriss also wears glasses which should also be due thanks to her age.

In Panda's Art

In Panda's Art, Chriss was the Panda teacher at East Bay Community College and it was thanks to her that Panda painted Charlie's painting; After she criticized Panda's earlier designs.

When she saw that the painting painted by Panda could be exposed to the world for being "original and well detailed," she makes an offer to Panda to exhibit the painting in an art museum in Florence, and with Panda's permission, she could carry the painting.

Panda then accepts his offer, thus stealing Charlie's painting. But when Panda would finally deliver the painting to Mr. Lee, he ends up regretting it, and ends up wanting the painting back.

Surprised, Chriss then tries to make Panda change her mind and let them take the painting, however, Panda ends up slipping and staining the painting with the mud on her paw.

Disappointed and outraged, Chriss then leaves the painting with Panda and part of the Bay Area with Mr. Lee, leaving Panda with the painting ruined.

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