Mornings with Marie is a web show on Everyone's Tube that talks about celebrity and other internet-relevant news. It stars and is hosted by Marie. It makes its first appearance in the episode "Nom Nom".

It also appeared in the episode "Panda's Sneeze".



Marie is discussing how Nom Nom had blown up at a fan during a book signing. She mentions how he made a response video to his fans' reactions and how his major fiasco would cause his Internet fame to plummet to the ground.

  • Several clips in the episode were shown of him; the first one being, of course, of his major blowup. The other videos were of him being interviewed and his response video.
  • It's also known as "NOM-NOM BLOWUP!!"


  • So far, only one episode of Mornings with Marie is seen to exist, though it's very likely and implied there are many other episodes of the web show.
  • The Bears never finished watching the episode they saw.
  • Marie also hosted the National Cute Off.

Cultural References

  • Mornings with Marie is a parody of the various daily YouTube shows hosted by popular YouTubers.
  • Her web series may be a reference to "Good Mythical Morning", a popular YouTube channel.
  • She has a Triforce on her shirt, from the game The Legend of Zelda, suggesting that she is a gamer.

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