Miss Chriss is a minor character and was first introduced in "Panda's Art".


Mr. Lee is a tall man with gray hair. His eyes are big, just like his nose. He has a thick mustache and a thin eyebrow that continues with the original color of his hair, unaffected by age. His skin is white and his eyes are black. It is also possible to realize that before, Lee's hair was black, but it turned gray (white) because of his age. Just as there were hints of crow's feet on his face.

In Panda's Art

In Panda's Art, Lee was introduced to the plot as a art critic with great relevance in Florence.

After Chriss sees the painting of Panda and sees potential in it, she makes an offer to Panda, who immediately accepts. Contacted by Miss Chriss, Lee then heads to the cave of the bears to get the famous painting. However, Panda is late, and when Lee was thinking of leaving, Panda appears with the famous painting.

Seeing the details and originality of the painting, Lee is impressed and immediately takes the painting from Panda's paws. But as Lee was about to depart, Panda ends up regretting, which makes Lee angry, making him try to get the painting back.

Seeing the scene, Miss Chriss tries to convince Panda to leave them with the painting, but he ends up slipping and unfortunately, messing up the painting with his dirty muddy paw.

Outraged, Lee and Miss Chriss leave the scene, returning to Florence and leaving Panda with the painting.

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Season 3

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