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Mr. Sacher is a minor character who appears in the episode, "The Demon".


Mr. Sacher wears a long-sleeve shirt with a collar and a green, checkered shirt as his overtop. He has grey hair and brows. He has wrinkles on his face.


Mr Sacher is a kind and loyal man. He is seen living in a big house and have no known relatives but his good ol' dog. Besides his kind and moral attitude, he is also known for being responsible. As shown in the scene when he caught 2 strangers in his house without his permission (which was Chloe and Ice Bear), he was very mad because some of the furnitures were broken, destroyed, and distorted. Chloe, then, explained without any further that they were just trying to get her jacket back after losing it in accident. Mr Sacher immediately understood Chloe and decided to ask her if he could keep it so that his dog will behave.



Demon is pretty loyal to him, as seen in The Demon, when he tries to chase Chloe and Ice Bear for getting in the house without any hesitation. Demon behaves whenever Mr Sacher's around.

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