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This mom did not raise a bully!
—"Mom App", Mrs. Jackson scolding her daughter.

Mrs. Jackson (called Mrs. Tank by The Bears) is the mother of Tank from the episode Mom App.


Mrs. Jackson is a short woman, far shorter than her own daughter. She is old, given her grey hair, bangs under her eyes, and obviously the adult age of her daughter. She wears a dark pink shirt with large, round earrings.


Oh, I'm sorry about my daughter.
—"Mom App"

When talking to the Bears, and presumubly anyone else, she seems kind and gentle, with a good moral compass and lessons to teach. She uses polite mannerisms and is sweet to others.

However, when talking to her daughter, Tank, Mrs. Jackson seems just as stern as she is. She scolds her and drags her by the ear, forcing her to wait in the car. By Tank's reaction, it seems this is something she is familiar with and upsets her greatly.


You put that young man down this instant!
—"Mom App"

In "Mom app", the Bears were having a difficult time adjusting to their new mom, Tank, due to her obession with exercise and her overbearing methods. Grizz suggests that Tank needs a "time out", which gives Panda the idea to use Tank's cell phone to call Tank's own mother. Once Mrs. Jackson arrives, she yells at Tank (revealing her full name as "Susan Tanketha Jackson") for her treatment of the boys and takes her away. She apologizes for her daughter, and tells the boys their too old to be needing a mom and already were raised into wonderful folks. Grizz says he wishes she was on the Mom App, which Mrs. Jackson declines, saying they do not need her because they have each other.


Mrs. Jackson[]


"Oh, you're gonna get real talking to, missy!"

Mrs. Jackson is the mother to Tank. Despite Tank seeming tough, she quickly cowers in fear when she sees her. Mr.s Jackson still has complete control over her daughter, even as an adult. She scolds Tank for her actions, and drags Tank to her car by her ear. But, she does remark that that Tank is a "sweet girl", showing she still cares about her daughter. It's possible Tank's overbearing parenting came from her own mother's parenting.

The Bears[]

She is very sweet and kind to the Bears calling them "wonderful folks". She gives them helpful advice and feels remorseful for her daughter's actions.

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