Mrs. Lee is an old Korean woman who owns Koreatown's spa service called "Hill Spa" and is also shown to be a long time Ping Pong champion. In the episode "Spa Day", she shows The Bears the different types of relaxation segments there are at the spa. She offers Grizz to do whatever he wants, offering Panda to relax in the sauna and telling Ice Bear that there's a steam room for him but she doesn't listen to him about him telling her that he prefers humid areas and sleeps in the fridge but instead he goes to the game room to play some Ping Pong and challenges him to a Ping Pong contest to help Grizzly not go to jail.

Episode Appearances

Season 3


  • In her debut episode, she is revealed to be a long time Ping Pong Champion. This is further shown when she beats Ice Bear in a game of Ping Pong in exchange for him and his brothers' freedom.

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