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The Ninja Stars are sharp throwing stars owned by Ice Bear. He uses them for self defense. They made their first appearances in The Three Bare Bears comic and in the episodes "Our Stuff" and "Losing Ice".


The Three Bare Bears[]

When the Bears were being mugged after withdrawing three twenty dollar bills from their ATM account, Ice Bear had threatened to attack the mugger with a ninja star. The ninja star was never used, as the police came and arrested the mugger.

Our Stuff[]

The stars were one of the three objects stolen inside the Bears' backpack by the Pigeon Cartel.

Losing Ice[]

During Darrell's training to act more like Ice Bear. Ice Bear skill number two was ninja star power where Darrell had to throw ninja stars at a target

Baby Orphan Ninja Bears[]

While looking for a home in New York City, and the three bears were training as ninjas for a short time, Ice Bear was seen practicing with ninja stars as his signature weapon (when not using plastic shovels as sai). Whether or not these were the same ninja stars his adult self claimed to have bought legally is up for debate.


  • Along with the ninja stars, Panda's Phone and Grizzly's Wallet were also stolen by the Pigeon Cartel in "Our Stuff".
  • In "Our Stuff", Ice Bear had claimed he legally obtained the stars when they were returned to him by a police officer.
  • Ice Bear also had a ninja star in the webcomic, where he threatened to use one to stop a criminal.
    • Just like in the show, Ice Bear has never been seen using the stars in the comic.
  • The ninja stars resemble a Hira Shuriken, a Japanese throwing star that has four blades.
  • Ice Bear uses a starfish as a ninja star in "The Island"


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