Bear switch

A Nintendo Switch and a copy of ARMS.

The Nintendo Switch is the seventh major home console developed by the video game company Nintendo. It is a hybrid console that can be connected to a TV or carried around like a handheld system.

It released on March 3 2017.

Characters from We Bare Bears have been featured in commercials and tips and trick videos for various games available for the console.

Punch Like a Bear with ARMS!

Grizzly and Panda are playing head-to-head in ARMS on their TV while Ice Bear is in the midst of vacuuming the cave. Ice Bear pauses to watch the two. Panda gains the upper hand by playing to Ribbon Girl's jumping strengths and using a rushing attack, eventually winning their match. Grizzly doesn't take his loss well, while Panda takes out his phone to share the story of his victory with his followers. Ice Bear picks up Panda's Joy-Cons and competes against Grizzly. Ice Bear wins quickly, much to Grizzly's dismay.

Bears Battle for Turf in Splatoon 2!

Nom Nom is at the basketball court playing Splatoon 2 with three teens on their Nintendo Switch consoles. The bears arrive (much to Nom Nom's frustration) with their own Switch consoles and challenge Nom Nom's team to a turf battle, with a kid joining the bears as their fourth. Nom Nom is a crafty player, but Panda alerts Grizzly to his maneuvers, while Nom Nom gets angrier and angrier. Ice Bear has opted not to play, and instead pulls out a real-life pair of Splat Dualies, and begins firing ink all over the court. Nom Nom, having lost the match, goes into a fit of rage and throws his sunglasses to the ground.


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