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Nom Nom's Estate is Nom Nom's place of residence. Its only appearance thus far has been in "Christmas Parties", in which he hosted a huge party to celebrate Christmas.


It's a large, white mansion settled atop a large hill. The property itself is protected by a concrete wall and a large main gate. A concrete path, lined with lights, leads up to the main entrance of the building. Out in the middle of the yard is a large, white fountain that has its own dedicated staircase branching from the main pathway.

The building itself is rather modern, having a very rectangular structure. The mansion is at least four stories tall. The front doors to the estate are a pair of glass double doors with similar-looking glass windows on either side. Another set of double doors can be seen on the left side of the mansion. There is also a balcony with glass fencing on the top floor.

In its appearance in the episode, many Christmas decorations can be seen all throughout the property, ranging from giant candy cane and Christmas tree props scattered across the main yard to Christmas lights lining the building itself. Christmas decorations could also be seen inside, as well.