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Nom Nom vs. Hamster Gallery Transcript

(The Bears watch the video "Nom Nom Falls Again!" on Everyone's Tube)

Grizz: Uhh, why does this video have 20 million views?

Panda: Dude, it's really hard to catch a koala in the wild doing that sort of stuff.

Grizz: Hmm. Well, I guess that's true.

(The next scene is Nom Nom getting prepped by his stage crew at a studio)

Nom Nom: (On the phone) Yeah, make that 2:00. (Pause) Yeah, well, I don't care if he's busy. [Pause] Yeah, make it happen. (Pause) Okay? Alright. I believe in you! (Cell phone beeps) Man, I need to get rid of this guy. (To his prepping crew) All right, all right, all right, all right! I need to get into character-- sh! (He shooes them away, leaving himself alone.) Enough of all this. Okay, okay, here we go.. (He begins to get into character) Oh, oh, he's a cute little koala. He's a cute little koala. (Cooing) I'm just a cute little...(babbling) (To his bodyguard) All right dum-dum, I'm ready.

(Nom Nom is carried to the set. He sees a hamster)

Nom Nom: Hey, what is this

Director: Hey, Nom Nom! We're doing a joint video together with a hamster. Hamsters are huge right now! It's gonna be great.

Nom Nom: W-What? Well, why did you-- (Groans.)

[Filming starts.]

Hamster: [Munching on a piece of lettuce.]

Nom Nom: [Yawns and nudges the hamster.] Eh, eh, eh! Do something.. Uh, o-okay, can we cut? Is-- is he just gonna be eating a piece of lettuce all day?!

[Next scene.]

Nom Nom: [Cooing.] [Hamster walks off.] Hey, hey, hey! Where are you going?! I'm-- I'm in the middle of my scene here!

[Next scene.]

Nom Nom: [Drags the hamster into the shot, but it scampers away.] [Groans.]

[Next scene.] 

Nom Nom: [Nudges the hamster with his foot.] Wake up!.. Hey, is he dead?

[Next scene.]

Nom Nom: [Lying down.] [Sighs.] [Hamster walks in front of his face.] Hey, what are you doing? You're in my shot. Get out of the way. [He shoves the hamster, but it goes back.] Oh, you little..

[Next scene.] 

Nom Nom: [Hamster is directly in front of the camera.] GET OUT THE WAY! CUT!

[Next scene.]

Nom Nom: [Pets the hamster.] Aw.. [Hamster bites Nom Nom's hand.] AAAAAAAAAAH!

[Next scene.]

Nom Nom: [Being dragged around the set by the hamster.] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

[Next scene.]

Nom Nom: [Trying to get the hamster to stand up.] Now, stay still.. [Chuckles annoyedly.] [Groans.] [Hamster falls back down and he growls.] UGH! I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! I'M OUT! TALK TO MY AGENT!

Hamster: [Stands up on hind legs.] Is that a wrap?

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