Nooree Kim is a Canadian director, animator, artist, storyboard artist, effects designer, and prop designer. She was born in Toronto, Ontario. Nooree is most known for her creation and work on a short named Pest, made in April 2012. It was released in Canada, three months later;[1] to be shown in the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International. She is also known for working as a contract illustrator for Facebook from June to July 2014.

She is a prop designer for the Cartoon Network original series We Bare Bears.


Nooree attended Sheridan College starting in 2008 and studied in animation. From 2009 to 2010, Nooree had worked at Canada's Wonderland, a theme park in Vaughan, Ontario. A year later, on May 2011, Nooree worked as an intern for Six Point Harness, an animation studio, up to September of the same year. Less than a year later in 2012, Nooree graduated Sheridan and proceeded to work as a character designer for Guru Studio, starting May 2012.

While working for Guru, Nooree started working with Illustrator iT Video as a storyboard artist, director, and animator from May to June 2013. She quit Guru a month later in July and worked with Tinman Creative Studios in August. She quit in October 2014 and started her current job with Cartoon Network a month later.


  • Pest was Nooree's thesis film before she graduated Sheridan.[2]

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