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Officer Edgar Murphy is a minor character of We Bare Bears. He is a police officer.


He has light brown skin, gray hair and mustache and large black eyes. He wears a blue police suit and black tie.


Officer Murphy is a nice person, who doesn't mind the bears as long as they abide by the law and don't cause any misdemeanors.

In We Bare Bears: The Movie, he assisted Agent Trout in capturing The Bears to detain them after they accidentally caused a blackout in the state. Though he was willing to assist Trout, he did question the latter's motives as he considered his methods too harsh and extreme and winced at his demonstration on a teddy bear. He later felt a bit of regret after seeing Trout's troops seperate Grizzly and his brothers. Eventually, he has a change of heart, and helped all the bears escape via helicopter. He later incapacitated Agent Trout after seeing the latter for the callous and cruel person that he truly is, later arresting him for endangering the Bears' lives.

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