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Our Stuff Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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Basketball Players are dominating the court. The camera cuts to a line for players who will go next. The Bears are then shown.
Grizzly We got next! (cut to Grizzly opening a yellow backpack) One velcro wallet, one cellie...
Panda (Interrupting Grizzly) Be careful with this please, it is my life and soul in rectangular form.
Grizzly Yeah, yeah, yeah. (Throws cell phone into backpack)
Ice Bear Ice Bear has ninja stars. (Throws the shurikens into backpack)
Grizzly (Closes the backpack)  Grizz for three! (throws the backpack on to the bleachers) One, two, three-
The Bears Game time! Huh!
The Bears began their game. Cut to Grizzly dribbling the ball.
Grizzly Buckets! (Shoots for goal, misses. Cut to montage of Grizzly failing to shoot the ball into the hoop)
Panda I'm open! Wait, wait, not too fast! (Gets hit on hip with ball) Ahh! Time out! Time out!
Cut to Ice Bear expertly dribbling and bouncing the ball before an opposing player takes it off him.
Grizzly (Trying to take the ball off a player) I got this! I got this! (Grizzly makes growling noises)
Panda My bad.
Opposite team scores. Another player on the other team throws the ball.
Grizzly Wow, nice shot man! (Holds up arm for a high-five, other player walks away)
Cut to Bears stacking, passing the ball up to Grizzly, who still misses the hoop. Cut to Grizzly trying to take the ball off a player before falling over.
Grizzly Ooh!
Panda (Trips over Grizzly) AYE!
Grizzly Let it bounce! I got it! (Runs into trash can) Peg and roll, peg and roll!
Ice Bear (Ice Bear slides on player and rolls off)
Grizzly (shoots and misses again) It's long!
Panda (Also fails to score) Sorry.
Ice Bear (Throws ball, it gets stuck) Ice Bear meant to do that.
Opposing team scores. Ball hits rim, and is caught by Ice Bear.
Grizzly Outlet, outlet! (catches ball thrown by Ice Bear)  Cut base line, backdoor, triangle offense, play seven! (Cut to Panda and Ice Bear defending opposing team)
Grizzly passes the ball to Ice Bear, who tries to pass it to Panda.
Panda Oooh! (Covers face with arms, ball hits his shoulder and it starts to circle the ring.
Grizzly (Gasps)
Ball finally goes into the net, the Bears now have one goal.
Grizzly Yay!
The three Bears begin cheering and jumping up and down.
Basketball Player Wait, we're still up 20, right?
(The bears leave the court carrying Panda and throw him into a water fountain)
Panda Aha! Game time, huh!
Grizzly Good job bros, I'm proud of you, I saw improvement, and I saw heart, and you can't teach heart. Wait a sec, did we forget something?
Ice Bear The backpack.
Grizzly THE BACKPACK! My wallet!
Ice Bear Ice Bear ninja stars.
Panda Haha. I thought for a second there you said we left our stuff back at the court, because my phone is in there and if I lost that, I would totally freak out.
Grizzly (Pause) We left your phone.
The Bears run back to the court, they look at the bleachers.
Grizzly Ah! It's gone! Somebody jacked us!
Panda No no no no no no no no NO!!
Cut to a street. A police officer is writing a parking ticket. The Bears run up to her.
The Bears Police! Police! Police!

Police Officer

Woah, sorry guys, I am already writing this ticket.
Grizzly No, no, we were robbed, and the guy had a knife, and, and one eye!
Panda He stole my phone! My apps! And my soul!
Ice Bear Ice Bear wants justice.
Grizzly Arrest somebody! Use your gun! Wait, where's your gun?
Police Officer prints a parking ticket, puts it on the car and drives away.
Panda My phone is gone forever. (Panda Bear takes a sweatband off his head and puts around his arm) I will wear this in remembrance.
(Ice Bear slams his head into a parking meter)
Grizzly Bros, keep it together. I have an idea. We're gonna take justice into our own hands.
(Stereotypical action film plays. Grizzly bear grabs the parking ticket, scribbles on it with a red marker)
Grizzly Perfect. Taxi!
(Taxi pulls up. Grizz, Panda, And Ice enter the vehicle.)
Grizzly (Displays the parking ticket to the taxi driver with the words "FBI" on it.) FBI! We're on a very important case! Take us every where a criminal would hangout, NOW!
Panda Oh! Can we go to a bathroom first?
Ice Bear Ice Bear needs latte.
(Taxi driver turns back to the bears and gives a stern look.)
The driver kicks the bears out of the vehicle.


Oomph! Hey!
(Taxi drives away.)


Ugh, this is gonna be tougher than I thought..
Panda Look, a diner! (Panda points at the diner seen in the background.)