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Panda's Date Gallery Transcript

Saleswoman: Samples! Fresh peaches, take a sample!

Grizzly: Good morning, could I have one of those?

Saleswoman: Of course, here you are.

(Grizzly opens his mouth, gesturing that he cannot free his hands to grab a toothpick and the saleswoman puts a peach on a toothpick in his mouth)

Grizzly: [Muffled] One more please.

(The saleswoman puts another peach on a toothpick into Grizzly's mouth)

Grizzly: Thank you. [Normal] Ooh, more samples!

Panda: Thank you!

(Ice Bear walks by and takes the whole tray of samples)

[Multiple shots of The Bears eating and tasting all different kinds of samples]

Panda: Hey Grizz, don't you think we've had enough samples for one day?

(Grizzly has a ridiculous amount of toothpicks in his mouth)

Grizzly: [Muffled] I don't know what you're talking about. Ooh, is that chili?

The Nut Shack Salesman: Fresh cookies! A-a sample for you!

Panda: Umm, I'm kinda full...

The Nut Shack Salesman: Please! Come on! I-I'm gonna start taking this personally if you don't try it.

Panda: Okay, okay! Look, I'm eating it! [Chewing sounds.] Actually, that was pretty good. What's that nutty flavour?

The Nut Shack Salesman: That would be all the peanuts, cashews, walnuts and macadamia nuts that are in there. Courtesy of The Nut Shack! Suzy made them! Hi Suzy!

Suzy: Hey!

Panda: Peanuts?!

The Nut Shack Salesman: Peanuts, yep. That's what I said. So, did you wanna buy some cookies? [Panda falls down.] Oh my gosh!

Grizzly: Huh? Cookies? [He sees Panda on the ground.] Oh no! Pan-Pan! Man down, man down!

The Nut Shack Salesman: What's happening?!

Grizzly: He's got crazy peanut allergies man! Bro, talk to me buddy!

Panda: Regrets... (twitch)

Grizzly: Oh no, you beautiful fool! Quickly, we've gotta cancel it out with other foods! Give me those apples! Those nectarines look good too..

Lucy: Hang on! I'm coming! [She quickly runs up to Panda and injects him with an Epipen.] Hey? Are you okay?

Panda: [Sings Girl Be Sellin' Sunshine.]

Grizzly: Wake up little-bro! Not like this! Speak to me! {Ice Bear dumps water on his snout] [Panda gasps] Oh, there he is! (To Lucy) Thank you so much! You saved our little baby. How did you know what to do?

Lucy: [Laughs.] Oh, my little brother has allergies, too, so I always carry as shot around just in case.

Grizzly: Thank you.. [Grizzly looks at Lucy's apron.] Lucy's Produce.

Lucy: Huh? [Looks down at her apron.] Oh! [Laughs.] Yep, that's me-- Produce Lucy!

Panda: [Muffled.] Lucy..

Grizzly: Lucy, awesome. Thank you. [At Panda.] Say thanks, little bro!

Panda: Ba-ba..

Grizzly: [Takes Panda's lips and mouths the words:] Thanks, Lucy. You're so cool!

Lucy: [Laughs.] You're welcome! Well, I've got to go pack up my stall now, but it was great to meet you guys. [Begins to walk off.]

Grizzly: [Stops Lucy before she can walk off.] Hey, we're gonna go throw rocks in the lake, if you wanna come..

Lucy: Oh, yeah, for sure! I haven't thrown rocks in forever. [Panda gasps.] Okay, let me pack up my truck and wrap up a few things. Uh, just give me a sec.

Panda: Um, um, okay, good night! [Lucy laughs nervously.]

Grizzly: Whoa. What was that? [Ice Bear drops Panda onto the ground.] Hey, do you think the nutshack is still giving free samples?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is going to fill his stomach like a piňata. [He and Grizzly walk away, leaving Panda alone.

Panda: [Sighs happily.] This'll be perfect.

[Song I'll Be Your Friend starts to play.]

Panda: [Sees Lucy throwing a rock into the lake.} My turn! Watch me! [Panda struggles to lift up a rock and eventually collapses on the ground. The other bears then throw rocks of equal and greater size with ease.]

Lucy: [Laughs.] Whoo-hoo! [Ice Bear and Grizzly highfive.]

Panda  [Jumps into a swan boat and holds out his hand for Lucy to join him. Before she can, the other bears jump in instead.] NO, NO, NO! 

Lucy: [Lucy, Ice Bear, and Grizzly are rolling down a hill.] [To Panda.] Come down!

Panda: Huh? [He smiles and grabs a couple of flowers and begins to roll. He falls off the opposite side and into a thorn bush.]

Lucy: [Her, Grizzly, and Ice Bear are chasing each other around large rocks.] [To Panda.] Come on, man! [Panda beckons for them to continue playing without them.

Lucy and Grizzly: [Indistinct shouting while in the car.]

Grizzly: [After they arrive their house.] [To Lucy.] Hey, thanks for the ride, Lucy.

Lucy: Oh, of course! Uh, hey, what are you guys doing for dinner?

Grizzly: Uh, I don't know, actually.

Panda: [Mumbling and mocking Grizzly.] Oh, I don't know anything--

Grizzly: [To Panda.] WHAT? [Back to Lucy.] I think we got nothing planned.

Lucy: Well, there's this new restaurant on 45th and Spruce. Here, I'll write it down for you. It's like a French-Italian fusion-y thing. 

Grizzly: Yes, I would eat that.

Lucy: Great! So it's a date.

Grizzly: Yep! All four of us!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear requires booster seat.

Grizzly: [Takes the paper from Lucy.] Thanks. Today's been so fun. And to think-- the whole reason we met was 'cause my bro [He grabs Panda and says in a mocking tone] is a swollen bundle of allergies.

Lucy: [Laughs.] Aw, you guys are the cutest! See you soon! [She drives away.]

Grizzly: [He opens the door and the bears walk inside.] Oh, man. Lucy is so chill! She might be the coolest person we know!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear made her a pashmina. 

Grizzly: Let's get fancied up! I think we've got some nice clothes in the closet somewhere..

Panda: [Gets an idea.] Hmm. Closet...

Grizzly: Tonight's gonna be so fu--

Panda: Hey, guys! Wanna play a game? I know a really good one!

Grizzly: . A game, you say? Hmm. We're listening..

Panda: Yeah, it's a little game. It's gonna be super fun and quick. First you get in here.. [Panda shoves them into the closet.]

Grizzly: Ooh, I like this.

Panda: And, uh.. [He puts a chair below the doorknob so that they can't escape.] Count to 1,000!

Grizzly: Oh, [Laughs.] I see. This is fun. One... [Panda leaves and goes to the restaurant.]

[Mumbles from various people from people outside around Panda.] 

Panda: [Thinking.] Come on, Panda. You can do this! [He walks into the restaurant and tries to squeeze through the crowd.] Uh, 'scuse me. [Grunts.]

Lucy: Panda! Over here! Panda! [She waves at Panda to get his attention.]

Panda: Huh? [He begins to sing in his head "Girl Be Sellin' Sunshine" but is interrupted by Lucy.]

Lucy: Hey, Panda! Panda. I'm right here. Hey, where's your brothers?

Panda: [He quickly answers.] They're sick! With vomit!.. Um,, they're not feeling great. 

Lucy: Are they okay? Should we go see them?

Panda: No! No! No! Contagious. Upchucking everywhere! The walls, the carpet-- oh, boy.. Okay, let's eat! [He begins to walk away but turns back to give a rose to Lucy.] For you.

[Back at the house.] Grizzly: Nine ninety-nine.. Wait a minute! Lucy! We're late! [Door rattles when trying to open it.] And the door's locked. [To Ice Bear.] Quick-- give me a coat hanger and some gum. I know a way to-- [Ice Bear kicks a hole through the closet door.] ..That works too.

[Back at the restaurant.] Panda: [Sweats.]

Lucy: Is everything alright..? Are you sure you're not sick, too?

Panda: Nope! All good here! No vomit on me! Haha, ha, ha! 

Lucy: [Chuckles awkwardly.]

Waitress: Are you two ready to order? 

Panda: [To Lucy.] Uh.. why don't you go first?

Lucy: Oh, sure, just give me a second. Umm..

Panda: [Sees Grizzly and Ice bear standing outside the window.] Uh, you know, I've heard it's best to fully immerse yourself in your menu like this! [He holds his menu up and hides behind it. Lucy does the same.]

Waitress: Uh, you guys need a minute?

Lucy: How long do we immerse ourselves?

Grizzly: [From outside.] That little sneak! He's still playing the game! And he's got Lucy in on it. Oh, ho-ho.. Game on! [He walks off and Ice Bear follows.]

Panda: Oh, phew. [He puts his menu down.] Whoo-hoo! Good menu sesh, right? [Chuckles.] I got really immersed there! 

Lucy: Ha! Yeah. Anyway, i'll have the Thai Noodle Salad, please.

Waitress: Mm-hmm. And for you, sir? [To Panda.]

Panda: Egg.

Waitress: Frittata it is, then. [He takes Panda's and Lucy's menu and walks off.]

Grizzly: [From outside.] Oh no! This restaurant is too happening! We gotta find another way in.

Restaurant kitchen worker: [Knocks on the back door and a chef lets him in.]

Chef 1: It's about time! It's crazy in here. [Let's go of the door but Grizz puts his hand between the doorway, allowing himself to slip in.]

Grizzly: Phase one successful. Now all we need to do is get through.. This kitchen! Here we go, follow my lead.

Waiter: [Sees Grizzly and Ice Bear and puts a waiter's outfit on both of them, shoving them out the door with several plates.] Thank goodness you're here. Take this to table 4, this to 17, two for 18, and water for 50 through 70, and come right back when you're through!

Grizzly: We made it!

Panda: [Sees the other bears.] [To Lucy.] Hey! You know what I really like? Moving tables into dark corners. [Panda does such.]

Lucy: Panda, wait.. [She follows him and sits down on her chair.] Uh, so, do you do this every time you eat out, or.. 

Grizzly: [Hands a plate to a customer with a bite mark in the steak.] Your meal, my good sir. And may I just say excellent [burp] choice. [To Ice Bear.] So, where is that panda? I know I saw him in here somewhere.

Person: Waiter!

Lucy: Panda, is there a reason--

Panda: [Takes Lucy's arm and runs from the bears.] Wow, look at that table over there!

Waitress: Oh, there you guys are. I have your order-- [They run past her.]

Panda: Perfect. Thank you! [Continues to run and finds a place to hide.] Uh, here! Mind if we squeeze in here? Oh, is this a birthday? Congratulations. Haha, ha, ha, ha..

Lucy: Panda, do you even know these people?

Panda: [Looks over and sees the bears coming close to their table.] Whoa,what's under here? [Pulls Lucy under the table and manages to evade them once again.] [Sighs in relief.]

Lucy: Panda..

Panda: Oh, hey, Lucy. What's up?

Lucy: What's up?! What-- what do you mean? We-we're hiding under a table.

Panda: What? No. We're not hiding. It's just.. atmospheric down here.

Lucy: Atmospheric? Panda, you've been dragging me around all evening. [Sighs.] I'm not really hungry anymore. Maybe we should just call it a night.

Panda: No, no, don't go! We're having a great time. Everything's going perfectly. It's only going to get more--

Waitress: Oh, there you guys are. I have your--

Panda: See, more fun! [He accidentally eats Lucy's order.] [In a muffled voice.] Mmm! Delicious!

Lucy: Panda, I think that was my order.

Panda: Huh?

Lucy: It had peanuts in it.

(Panda's eye's become huge in shock)

(Blacks out.)

[In a hospital.] Grizzly: Hey, Panda? You there? Is my little Pan Pan there? [Panda begins to wake up in a hospital bed.] Oop, there he is!

Panda: Huh? What-- What happened?

Grizzly: Oh, man. It wasn't pretty. You had a major allergic reaction. You were flopping all over, you flipped the table, there was food everywhere. [To Ice Bear.] Am I missing anything?

Ice Bear: Vomit.

Grizzly: Oh yeah. Lots of vomit.

Panda: Ugh. Oh no! What about Lucy?

Grizzly: She was here earlier but she had to leave. She left you something though. She says you didn't get a chance to eat, so she saved your dish for you.. You doing okay there, buddy?

Panda: Kind of, I mean.. I thought Lucy was, um.. I-I really liked, um-- ugh! I'm so dumb!

Grizzly: Wait, did-- did you like her? Dude, you should've just told us! We would've totally gotten out of your way. 

Ice Bear: Ice Bear would've been less charming.

Panda: It's cool, you guys. I'm just a little embarrassed, I guess.

Grizzly: [He and Ice Bear pull Panda into a hug.] Don't be! We're always here for you, man!.. You probably didn't have a chance, though.

Panda: Huh?