Be careful with it please, it is my life and soul in rectangular form.

—Panda, Our Stuff

Panda's Phone is the cellular device that Panda owns and uses to browse the web. It first appeared in the Pilot and "Our Stuff", as well as making several other appearances throughout the show and the shorts "Panda's Dream" and "Dreamium". Its other most notable appearances include "Food Truck", "Occupy Bears", "Cellie", "Chicken and Waffles" and "Subway".


Panda is the only one of his brothers that owns a phone. Panda himself sees this as some position of power as his brothers tend to go to him if they need to make use of his phone.

Old Phone

Panda's initial phone was a flip-phone that was only seen during "Occupy Bears". It is gray and rather small in size. The phone itself resembles a Nokia flip-phone, specifically the flip-phones from their 6000 series.

Panda had owned this phone before the three first moved into the cave. A photo they had taken with the phone to celebrate their new home after first moving in over 5 years ago is also what kept their home from being destroyed in "Occupy Bears".

Current Phone

Panda's phone is a light shade of pink with a small panda key-chain hanging off of the top which, after the first few episodes, was removed for simplicity.[1] The front is colored black with a touchscreen in the center. It has a rectangular button below the touchscreen, presumably used to return to the home screen when turned on.

His current phone is a smartphone. The phone itself is black with a case with pink sides equipped. On the top of the phone is a key-chain that bears what resembles a white cat with a black spot on its eye. There is a single button on the front that takes the user back to the home screen when pressed.

The OS on the phone resembles that of an older Apple iPhone device.

Comet X4000

Main article: X4000 Series

Panda had owned this model for a very short period of time in "Cellie" when, after his brothers got their own phones (two Constellation X4000s), he traded his phone in for this one. However, this, unfortunately, ended with him and his brothers' new phones being shattered, and Panda being unable to trade it back for his old one.

After some reconciliation, his brothers were able to trade the broken phones in for Panda's old one.


  • An episode revolving around the phone, "Cellie", is in reference to Grizzly calling Panda's phone "cellie" in "Our Stuff".
  • Panda feels very strongly for his phone.
  • There is an auto-edit function on his phone that will automatically edit out "imperfections" after a photo is taken.
  • It is revealed in "Food Truck" that Panda keeps his phone close to him by storing it in his fur in an area between his chest and stomach.
  • Panda's Phone is likely a parody of the iPhone 3G, 3Gs, 4 or 4s.
  • The reason the cat keychain was removed after episode 3 is that it was too hard to animate according to We Draw Bears.


  • A front-view camera is never seen on the phone despite Panda being able to take front-view pictures.


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