"Ice Bear will drive."
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The Partyground is, as the name states, a party ground, that made its first and only appearance in the Pilot. It's a large field where a party was set up for a young girl’s birthday.


In the grounds, there are water balloons, a piñata a large bouncy house, a dance game and an accompanying system, a musical chairs setup, a tree with a Pin the Tail on the Donkey game set-up, a Slip-N-Slide, and an area for the birthday presents and an ice cream cake.

The party was set up for a young girl with tan skin and dark brown hair. She has black eyes and is seen wearing a party hat and pink attire.


The Bears, walking in their signature Bear Stack, had stumbled upon the ongoing party after Ice Bear accidentally swallowed a spider and tumbled backwards into a fence. Panda tried to keep the other two from going in, but Grizzly was excited about going into the party, and thought it would be good for cheering Panda up. They ended up going in, disguising themselves with papier-mâché party hats.

They proceed to party with the other party-goers while obliviously causing a mess in their wake. They're seen causing destruction to the party and causing inconvenience to the children at the party, such as flinging them out of the large bouncy house or crushing them in a game of musical chairs.

The Bears' fiasco is soon to come to a close when they eventually pop and deflate the bouncy house. They smell an ice cream cake and go up to ask for it, but the party-goers and the birthday girl tell them "no" and threaten to "call the po-po". The kids start to push Panda around as they refuse to leave, causing Grizzly to claw one of the children, making them cry. The children retaliate and start to throw plastic forks at them until they end up bumping into a tree, in which a spider hangs down from a web.

Grizzly tries to get rid of the spider by kicking the tree, but it only causes a colony of spiders to jump down from the tree. They start to run for the cake, threatening to destroy it. The Bears run after them to save the cake. They ended up taking the cake by sliding by it on the Slip-N-Slide, only to come to an abrupt stop on the grass, flinging it into the air, causing it to fall onto the ground. Ice Bear devises an idea, allowing the children to eat the cake using their party hats as cones.

Cultural References

  • The games the Bears are playing seems to resemble the popular dance game Just Dance.
    • The system the game is played on resembles an XBox 360.

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