Paul made his only appearance in "Yard Sale". He is married to Annie and is the father of their recently newborn son.


Paul has an extremely muscular physique and a tan complexion. He has a rose tattoo on his left arm and is bald. He has brown, bushy eyebrows and a horseshoe mustache of the same color. He wears a black vest with no shirt underneath, and light blue jeans paired with an umber belt bearing a skull buckle and brown boots. He is first seen with a set of round, black-framed glasses on his head.


Paul has the tendency to be rather hot-headed and impulsive. He's one to quickly jump to conclusions and also to punch first and ask questions later. He's very defensive of his wife and is quick to attack Panda in "Yard Sale" when he sees the two on a date due to a misunderstanding. Panda is left unscathed, however, when Annie's water breaks. Paul starts to panic before passing out.

He later wakes up in the hospital with his wife who had just given birth. The Bears are invited to see the baby and, while in there, Paul apologizes for attacking Panda. Paul has a soft side, especially when he makes a mistake. He seems to be very friendly after getting to know him.


  • The glasses that are seen on his head when he first appears may imply that he may need them from time to time.


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