Pet Shoppe is a, of course, pet shop that is owned and run by the Pet Shoppe Owner. The building made its first appearance in the episode "Pet Shop".



The shop's walls are bricks that don't appear to have been painted over. The frames around the windows, door, and sign are a teal color, sharing the color of the words on the sign. The sign is a long, salmon strip above a large window and the door with the words Pet Shoppe on it in the Cooper Black font.


The shop itself is quite small, only appearing to have one room within the entire building. The walls are a flat turquoise color while the floor is a tan tiled floor. The pets that can be seen inside the store are fish, a hamster, a snake, birds, kittens, puppies, and formerly the Cubs.

Pet Shop

As the main setting, the Cubs are seen in the shop, making several attempts at getting adopted on a daily basis. After quite some few attempts, Panda starts to get worried after the owner does a checklist of all the pets in the store and makes a questionable attitude towards the three. Panda fears they'll be thrown out like some hamsters were thrown out just a week prior, but Grizzly reassures him they wouldn't get thrown out. Night time soon comes and they sleep in a Bear Stack prototype.

The next morning, the Commercial Crew arrives and goes to pick up animals to have in their commercial. After sneaking out of their cage and using plastic cups and other everyday items, they create fake ears to come off as kittens and a puppy. They managed to appear in the commercial and are happy to see it, but after a short period of time, they find they're the only ones left in their pen. The owner approaches them with a box and throws them all in it, throwing the box into the garbage. Even after being adopted and subsequently running away, they never return to the shop.

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