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The Pet Shoppe Owner is a minor character whom owns the Pet Shoppe. He made his first and only appearance in the episode "Pet Shop".


He is an old man and bald. In addition, he has large white bushy eyebrows and a small, scruffy mustache. He's seen clad in general green attire.

Pet Shop

The man is shown to be generally grumpy and discontent with most things. Though he manages the store and is easily able to sell pets, it's been noted that, if a pet isn't adopted within a certain amount of time, he tapes them up in a box and throws them into the garbage pile out back.

After a commercial shoot in the pet shop, despite the popularity of all the pets shown in the commercial, including the Cubs, he ends up throwing the three out after they're the only ones who haven't yet been adopted. The man ends up getting swarmed by several people not too long after they're thrown out, asking where the three "weird looking" pets—the Cubs—from the commercial are.

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