The Pizzeria is a small, rustic pizza place located somewhere in San Francisco, California. It made its first and only appearance in the episode "Panda's Sneeze".



The main structure is constructed with tan bricks, the main walls being made from stucco painted a similar color. There is a yellow awning around the upper perimeter of the shop with the name of the shop in green on the top of the awning. Most of the walls have large windows while the entrance is a glass door, the name of the shop in red lettering. There are seats and tables near the vicinity of the shop.


The inside is relatively small. The floor is tiled with dark tan tiles. The walls are a beige color while the trimming is dark brown. There is a display of the available pizzas by the counter. On the back wall is a plethora of photos of celebrities that had dined at the shop. It previously held Nom Nom's photo, but the bears threw it away.

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