Player 41 is a minor character who made his first, and only appearance in the episode, "Our Stuff".


Our Stuff

Player 41 appears to be athletic, having a fit build. He's seen wearing a white jersey with the number "41" on it. He wears jeans with folded cuffs, with a chain around his side. He also wears black sneakers and a blue cap. He has long hair and a thin beard.

He was one of the members of a basketball team that played against the Bears at the Basketball Court. He was suspected to have stolen their backpack, so the Bears tracked him down to his apartment. They broke inside to retrieve the backpack, only to discover it wasn't theirs, but a backpack that appeared similar to theirs.


  • Player 41 has a backpack that's nearly identical to the Bears' backpack.
    • The only difference between his and the Bears' backpack is his backpack lacks the three dots on the center triangle of the backpack.
  • It's never been shown if his backpack and the movie were returned to him or not.
  • He has no known name.

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