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Professor Lampwick (Originally Named: Terrible Terry) is Chloe's chemistry professor at the University. His first appearance was in his eponymous episode "Professor Lampwick" as the main antagonist. He appears again in "Hurricane Hal" as the narrator of the story.


Professor Lampwick is a tall man with gray hair. His eyes are small, compared to the face. He is guiltless of moustache and his skin is white and his eyes are black. He has a lot of fine lines on his face.


Professor Lampwick is an intimidating and elitist professor who has no patience for anyone he views as inferior or lazy. In particular he mocks and bullies Chloe, accusing her of being a fraud who doesn't deserve to be in his class. In his debut episode he intimidates her during a chemistry lab, seemingly on purpose, flustering her to the point that she fails the lab despite knowing the material. Afterward, Chloe says that he doesn't even hold office hours for students to speak with him.

However, his debut episode does also show that he is not a mere sadist, but is in fact a very intelligent and capable man. Even after being kidnapped by the bears he maintains his composure, controlling the encounter and intimidating the bears and Chloe even though he is tied up. He easily messes with their minds, almost tricking Panda into untying him, and tricking Chloe into tying up Grizz and Ice Bear, leaving her all alone. At the end of the episode, after Chloe performs her experiment for him and proves herself, he also reveals that he does in fact care about his students, and that he behaves the way he does in order to teach his students to work under pressure.

Even so, the bears remain unimpressed by his behavior. Panda in particular insists that Chloe should still change out of his class, stating that he is "truly messed up."

His philosophical side is further shown in the episode "Hurricane Hal", in which he narrates three rather dark stories simultaneously, in order to illustrate the point that all things in life are connected.

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Season 3

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