The Public Pool is, as its name implies, a public swimming pool. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. It made its first and only appearance in the episode "Nom Nom".

It was used as a stage for a fake scene in Nom Nom's fake movie.


The Public Pool has everything a generic public pool would have. In the center of the lot is a large pool, surrounded by concrete. It has a changing room and what appears to be a public restroom. It also has a white diving board, a large, orange water-slide, and a Life Guard's chair. The lot is in a closed area on a large field.

In "Nom Nom", Nom Nom used the pool as a set-up to regain his internet fame. He closed the water-slide so he could hide his pet sharks in it to later attack Grizzly and Panda in the pool. Nom Nom claimed the swimmers at the pool were all extras, but they were just normal swimmers who weren't even aware of the movie.

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