Purrito is a Mexican-themed restaurant that made its first and, so far, only appearance in the episode "Burrito". Its mascot is a ginger cat. The restaurant hosts the Burrito Challenge.

The challenge is to, evidently, eat every burrito the restaurant has to offer within an hour. Grizzly had attempted to complete the challenge in half an hour and nearly succeeded, but he refused to eat the big, bear-sized Burrito.


This restaurant is known to serve the following foods:

  • Veggie Tacos
  • Burritos
    • Fajita Steak
    • Jalapeno Chicken
    • Baja Halibut
    • Avocado Delight
    • Veggie Party
    • Bacon and Eggs
    • Crazy Meat
    • Cilantro Overload
    • ?!!?!?


  • The restaurant's main dishes are, evidently, burritos.
  • They serve the following nameless yet amusing dishes: Chicky-Chick, Curry-Curry, Beefy-Beef, Spinachy-Spinach, Avacado-Cado, Ducky-Duck, Shrimpy-Shrimp, Ricy-Rice, Porky-Pork, Thai-Thai, Beany-Bean, Cheesey-Cheese, Veggie-Veg, Eggy-Egg, Fishy-Fish, Lamby-Lamb, Spicy-Spice, and Lobstery-Lobster.

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