Ramen Tacos are a type of taco sold by a Food Truck Owner. Though the shell is made out of ramen, it takes on the shape of an ordinary taco shell. The taco is filled with various cuisine often seen alongside ramen. They made their first and only appearance in the episode "Food Truck".


The Ramen Taco is, evidently, a taco made from ramen and ingredients often associated with ramen. The shell, shaped to that of a taco shell, is made from uncooked ramen. Several different ingredients, usually seen alongside ramen, are inside the shell.

Food Truck

The Bears had waited in line for a Ramen Taco for over 4 hours. When they finally got to eat their taco, they ended up very displeased and unsatisfied. The Bears described the taco having many different textures, and noted how it tasted crunchy and spongy. They returned to the food truck to ask for a refund, but the Food Truck Owner refused, sending them on their way. Disgruntled, the horrible service and the bad food had ended up motivating them into making a food truck of their own. They ended up making a Calzone Truck in order to compete with the Ramen Taco food truck and its surrounding adversaries.


  • The Ramen Tacos' ingredients are in an order similar to that of normal taco ingredients. The sauce is at the very bottom of the shell, the main "meat" of the food is in the center, while the compliments and extra ingredients are at the top.
  • Despite how apparently horrible the Ramen Tacos taste, many people still seem to enjoy it.


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