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Ranger Martinez is a ranger who first appears in "Creature Mysteries". As a young man, Martinez was also a ranger, which coincidentally was the partner to Stephanie Tabes, the mother of Ranger Tabes.


Martinez is an old man. His physical stature even with age is normal. His beard is long and his eyes are small and black. He wears a green polo shirt, along with green pants and a brown shoe. 


Nothing much can be said about Martinez's personality, since he's new. What can be half-asserted is that he is friendly, and this is very easy to see since in one episode he befriended the Bears.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 2[]

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Season 4[]


  • Martinez was the work partner of Tabes' mother.
    • Martinez is currently the working partner of Tabes.
  • It is likely that Martinez worked as a ranger for more than twenty years.

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