The Remote Control is an electronic device used by Nom Nom to help him get rid of the Bears, specifically Panda and Grizzly. It was used to control Nom Nom's sharks using the sharks' collars. It made its first and only appearance in the episode "Nom Nom".


It's a little black box with two images of shark fins emerging from the water above and below a red button with an antenna at the top. The red button will switch between ON and OFF, ON giving a glowing green light, while OFF gives off a glowing red light.

Nom Nom

The Remote Control was first seen in a clip of Nom Nom from Morning with Marie, where he's giving a response video to a large backlash to his recent book-signing blowup. Nom Nom has the remote set to on when he throws a steak into their pool, then sets it to off, causing them to go rampant and tear up the meat. He proceeds to turn it on again when they're done.

It is seen later in the episode at the public pool, when Nom Nom is preparing to initiate his true plan upon the Bears. Once they're in the pool, Nom Nom turns off his remote, the green light on the hidden sharks' collars goes red, and they slide down the water slide into the pool and after the Bears.

Nom Nom then swims over to them in an attempt to save them to regain his fame and glory. He uses his remote to stop the sharks in their tracks so he can swim by. The Bears see him swimming to them and panic, shaking him, and causing him to drop the remote into the water. It short circuits and permanently turns off the sharks' collars, causing them to go in a rampage.

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