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Butler Bear is an invention of Ice Bear's. It made its first appearance in the episode "Panda's Sneeze" and in the episode "I, Butler".


The robot, being built by Ice Bear, was made to resemble him. The robot is around Ice Bear's height, though its build resembles that of the Burrito, as its body is much more round and stiff than curvy. Its main color is white while its arms (excluding its hands) are light grey. It has blue or red, glowing eyes.


Panda's Sneeze[]

Ice Bear obtains a book with instructions on how to create a robotic clone of oneself. He is seen various times following the book's instructions while showing the gradual process of creating the Robot Bear. During the interview with Nom Nom and Panda, while Grizzly was cheering on Panda backstage, Ice Bear had his finished production hidden under a black sheet.

After a cut between scenes, Ice Bear found his creation had disappeared, having head out to the city as shown by a peculiar hole in the wall just behind him. Shortly before the Cute-Off, Ice Bear obtained a newspaper and was reading about the havoc the Robot Bear was causing in the city.

Later, the Robotic Bear appears at the now empty stadium with his ominous, red, glowing eyes. Nom Nom doesn't acknowledge his obvious difference, and questions his return. The Bear then picks up Nom Nom and destroy the trophy he was kissing. He then leaves the stadium by crashing through another wall with Nom Nom as his hostage.


  • Though not treated as an actual antagonist, it can be seen as one, as the headline of a newspaper Ice Bear reads is describing the havoc the robot is wreaking upon San Francisco.

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