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Saanvi Patel is a minor character and a student attending California University. She only appears in Money Man.


Saanvi has an average height and rather slim. She has black hair tied into a bun and black skin. She wears a cyan sweater over her short-sleeved white shirt, a greyish-blue skirt with same-colored shoes and short white socks.


Saanvi appears to enjoy ridiculing and bullying people, like how she did to Chloe Park and The Bears. She is determined to be Dr.Bean's assistance and to change the world with her invention. However, Saanvi also has a good side, as she is very cooperative when combining her invention with Chloe's.



Saanvi is seen to have the ability to create an invention with can navigate a thing (or person) when having a detailed picture of it. Her invention can also solve mazes in seconds.


The Bears


Chloe Park



  • Her name, Saanvi means goddess Lakshmi, and Patel means headman.
    • Laskmi is the goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity in Hindu culture.