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Samantha is a minor character who was first seen in Fashion Bears. She was briefly engaged to be Panda’s bride, but it had happened by mistake. When Panda had a chance, he broke away from Samantha.


Samantha is a young girl. She has long brown hair, her eyes are large and black. She wears two earrings on each ear. Apparently, she wears a pink lipstick. In addition, she wears a short pink shirt and gray pants.


Samantha is an energetic girl besides being quite agitated. She likes adrenaline and experiences with strong emotions. She is slightly masculine, but has a sentimental side as well.


Panda Bear[]

When meeting Panda, Samantha was so impressed by the way Panda looks. She's apparently energetic and excited for the adventures she will go through with Panda.

Samantha's Father[]

Samantha's loyal and patient to his father as seen on Fashion Bears. Of course, she and her father share a lot of personalities like staying positive, staying active, and always being happy. But after seeing Panda nude, she and her father start to doubt Panda and their fictitious marriage.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 2[]

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