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San Francisco is the city in which We Bare Bears takes place. The setting has never been outright stated in the show, however many key places that can be seen throughout the show are also in the actual city. For example, the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most notable Californian landmarks, can be seen numerous times in the backgrounds of the show. Chloe's college is also a direct homage to UC Berkeley,[1] a university that's about twenty miles away from San Francisco.

This main setting was first introduced during the Pilot, though only three settings were seen throughout the entire 7-minute short. The style of the city was refined during the actual show.

Almost every single episode has taken place in San Francisco with the exception of the Baby Bears episodes ("The Road", "Pet Shop", "The Island", "Yuri and the Bear", "Baby Bears on a Plane" and possibly "Potty Time").


A map of San Francisco taken from the We Bare Bears: We Go Everywhere Handbook.


It features The Forest, Chloe's House, the Ranger Station, the Farmer's Market, Burger Boy, the zoo, Chinatown, Chloe's University, Diner, Books N' Books and the Golden Gate Bridge.


San Francisco Skyline in the Outro.


  • The show's creator, Daniel Chong, lives in California, which might have inspired The Bears' current residence.
  • Also, in The Amazing World of Gumball, the places are in Vallejo, California which is near San Francisco.
  • The name San Francisco is Spanish for Saint Francis.
  • It's very likely the show takes place in the North Bay of the Bay Area, as the only way to and from the North Bay is to cross the Golden Gate Bridge[2], which is seen in the background of several scenes throughout the show.
    • The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge can also be seen in the background at the end of "Primal", which means it could possibly also take place around San Bruno Mountain.
  • The Bay Area, in and of itself, is quite racially diverse, with the 2010 census recording 23.5% of the population as Hispanic or Latino.[3]
    • Most of the people recorded as Hispanic or Latino are Mexicans, which is likely why there appears to be several Mexican-themed locations around the city, such as Purrito.


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