We Bare Bears Wiki

Scratch is a visual programming language[1]. It is accessible online and allows the creation of things like animations and games through the power of coding. It is used by many to help learn and teach coding for people of all ages.

A We Bare Bears studio and related assets, after a partnership between the tool and We Bare Bears, were made available for use on December 4, 2015. In a video Daniel Chong, creator of We Bare Bears, made, he gave a brief explanation of the tool and how you can easily create We Bare Bears related animations and games with this tool.

The tool gives users three tutorials for three different creations to help its users start coding. The three preset creations are a Hide and Seek game, a Bear Stack story, and a Basket Ball game.

The We Bare Bears implementation is a big hit with the Scratch community, having over 100 projects and counting revolved around the show and a plethora of assets featuring Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear, and more.



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